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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Abandoman’s Rob Broderick - The Musical In My Mind


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Abandoman’s Rob Broderick - The Musical In My Mind

Jamieson Eileen

Abandoman’s Rob Broderick

Abandoman’s Rob Broderick possesses an incredible ability to turn mundane objects and everyday anecdotes from his audience into side-splittingly hilarious musings with a razor-sharp wit. Oh, and did I mention that he does all this while effortlessly rhyming to the beat of self-controlled hip-hop tracks?

Yeah, it’s pretty damn awesome.

His show is located within Le Cascadeur, near the back of The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Shortly after we took our seats, a boisterous Irish voice boomed through the speakers presenting Abandoman’s Rob Broderick! Broderick burst through the back curtain with more energy than a hundred cups of strong coffee. He was wearing a simple all-black outfit and looked rather unassuming, save the obnoxiously large gold chain around his neck with what looked like some sort of launchpad swinging from it.

Broderick bantered with some audience members to kick things off, setting the sharp cadence for everything else to come. He then dived right into his first presentation of improvised magic by asking the audience to find strange things from their bags or pockets and to hold them up.

I dug through my numerous odd items and settled on holding up a toothbrush. Yes, I always have a toothbrush on me. While Broderick bantered further, I noticed his eyes darting around the room, almost as though he was distracting us with his words while his mind catalogued the items we had to offer. It was like watching the brain version of patting your head while simultaneously rubbing your stomach.

He locked onto my silly yellow toothbrush, hit a button on his gold chained launchpad to drop a beat, and then what happened next was just fucking rad. Broderick weaved together a perfectly structured hip-hop verse centered around my toothbrush as effortlessly as though it were from a pre-rehearsed song. He then glanced toward someone else's arbitrary object and seamlessly laid down another clever and rhythmic track. Item after item, it was impossible to keep up with how quickly his mind seemed to work.

When he was done the audience erupted into applause, everyone a little flabbergasted over what the hell had just happened.

Broderick continued his show by introducing several different structures that involved his audience in some way. He’d ask people questions, really listened to what they had to say, and incorporate it all into a musical piece of comedic genius. He called back anecdotes from the beginning of the show, hit perfect rhymes and landed killer jokes like it were no big deal.

He even pulled me up on stage at one point and created a heartfelt song about the toque I had accidentally left in Canada. And if you don’t know what a toque is, worry not, neither did Broderick. But even his banter around the fact that he had no idea what a toque was had me doubled over and in tears laughing.

If you enjoy music, comedy or would like to marvel at the almost superhuman speed at which Broderick’s brain seems to run, you cannot miss this show. I fully plan on seeing it again, as no two shows will ever be the same!

Oh, and if you’re nervous about being called upon, don’t worry. Despite how quickly Broderick speaks, he does have this incredible ability to make you feel welcomed. So you’ll have a great time, even if you’re awkwardly standing on stage listening to him rap about your long gone toque.

Where:  Le Cascadeur in The Garden of Unearthly Delights

When: 21st Feb - 4th March (7:15pm)

Duration: 60 hilarious minuets 

Tickets: From $30 - $38 here

Star rating: 5 super-cool stars out of 5.

Header image via Adelaide Fringe