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Interview: Love Train - A History Of Motown, Soul and Disco


Interview: Love Train - A History Of Motown, Soul and Disco

Gerasimos Canatselis

Come into Planet Soul and let the sounds of ‘Love Train’ bring an old school sound to your ears. Performing at The Adelaide Fringe, Love Train is a featured act that promises to warp us to an era of funk, love and soul. All the old school favourites, Diana Ross, The Supremes, The Temptations, Earth, Wind and Fire will all be heard (and encouraged to be sung along to).  

For those that love the Motown favourites or just enjoy feel good music, this is the show for you. With a five person ensemble carrying the show, there’s plenty of song and dance to keep everyone vibing like a member of Jackson 5 all night. We caught up with Love Train for an exclusive interview prior to their premiere performance at Gluttony.  

In bringing flare and excitement to the Adelaide 2018 Fringe Festival, Love Train is promising a show like no other. What is it about the performance of ‘Love Train’ that separates the show from other cabarets’?

Our show is a celebration of a particular era and sound that tells the story of Motown and disco. Our cast of five [all] come from various backgrounds, and with them, they bring their own feel to the sound and performance.  

What can audiences anticipate in seeing ‘Love Train’ showcase a great history and era of music?

To sing along - it's encouraged! Our late night spot is perfect for those who have seen shows during the evening and are looking to end on a high. Each song was handpicked and has been so well received by the audiences to date.

With the era of Motown and Soul being filled with pioneers and legends alike, who were some of your major influences that captivated you to this genre of music?

I don't think you can pull a Motown show and not include the legends such as Diana Ross, The Supremes, The Jackson 5 and The Temptations. We also can't forget about those behind the music - the music industry owes so much to the legend that is Mr Berry Gordy Jr., founder of Motown.

Whilst Motown originated from the United States, are there any Australian artists that emulate a similar sound to the classics of that era?

It's undeniable that Motown has influenced artists all around the world. You see hints of Michael Jackson in film clips and performances on a daily basis, and will continue to for decades to come. Australia are proud to call Jessica Mauboy our own, and some of her recent hits have taken listeners back to the Motown era.

Are there any popular artists today, giving Motown, Soul and Disco a new breath of life through their music?

There are too many artists to name, and we LOVE that. Bringing it back to Australia, Guy Sebastian's range and vocal runs can be compared to some of the legends of Motown.

What is it about that trademark ‘Motown Sound’, that was so renowned and prominent?

The honesty in the lyrics and voice. You can't listen to Aretha Franklin belt ' Respect' and not feel her passion and determination for herself and all women to be heard.

Motown today is still felt all around the world, genres like hip-hop and pop draw large inspiration from that trademark sound. What is it about this ‘Sound Of Young America’ that changed the music game at that time?

The artists were breaking down barriers and delivering messages that others hadn't had the nerve to do so before. It needed to happen, Motown and Soul did that, and the music world hasn't looked back since.

We’re super excited to have you down in Adelaide for the Fringe Festival, how are you guys feeling premiering in front of the SA audience for the first time?

We are very excited to be part of Fringe, and to bring the creator Thomas Armstrong-Robley's vision to life, with possibilities and opportunities for future touring and bookings.

In wishing you all an amazing tenure performing throughout the Fringe Festival, we would like to ask you what your favourite Motown songs are and why?

I can't tell you how often we are asked this question and how often our answers change depending on the day! Some our favourites are those that didn't really get the recognition they deserved. One of our cast member's favourites is "I'm Still Waiting" by Diana Ross and The Supremes, it's full of emotion and soul that tells such a story.

Interested in seeing the show? To purchase tickets to Love Train click here

What: Love Train: The Very Best Of Motown, Soul and Funk

Where: Gluttony - Adelaide Fringe Festival

When: 23rd & 24th February 2018

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