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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Courtney Act: Under The Covers


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Courtney Act: Under The Covers

Caitlin Ellen

Courtney Act's 'Under The Covers' was a bit like an essay written mere hours before the deadline. Packed full of great points, but a bit disjointed and lacking with follow through. Like any last minute essay, a bit more time would've made this show amazing.

Despite having little idea who Courtney Act is (I know, I've been living under a rock), I still felt welcomed into her bedroom. That may be down to the complete transparency that Courtney offered. Due to spending most of January on 'UK Celebrity Big Brother' (which she won), Courtney really only had 48 hours to throw this all together, and she tells us that shortly after the opening song as she checked for the next line to her opening monologue.

As the title suggests, Under The Covers was filled with covers. From Queen to Madonna, the covers came with anecdotes and little histories about the song's origins. We found out about Courtney's history with some of the songs and their artists. She delved into the gender spectrum and the woes of being vegan through pre-filmed videos and onstage covers. The music wasn't the strong part of this show, instead, it was the raw honesty, hilarious insights, and genuine stuff ups.

You can tell that it was a show rehearsed in 48 hours, but it's the Fringe, right? Anything goes. Courtney is so naturally compelling and entertaining that despite its flaws, Under The Covers was a funny, honest, entertaining show. So props to the wonderful keyboardist who was accompanying Courtney throughout the show, the 7 rolls of adhesive that kept everything in, and Courtney Act herself, you did good.

Star rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.