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Adelaide, SA, 5000

For The Night Is Dark And Full Of Wine


For The Night Is Dark And Full Of Wine

Danielle Murphy

There is a reason Hugh Hamilton Wines of McLaren Vale are known as the Black Sheep of the wine industry; daring to break rules and expectations, the new avant-garde range, the Dark Arts blends a variety of grapes in one bottle that shouldn’t go together, but just do. With four varieties released this February and a fifth expected later this year, you don’t have to be an expert wino to have a swirl, a sniff and sip before you exclaim, ‘Shit that tastes good’, as I found myself repeatedly doing at Red October bar on Tuesday night.

The wine itself is bold and playful, as Mary Hamilton, CEO of Hugh Hamilton Wines explains, “The Dark Arts wine series is our playground for experimentation and developing our own avant-garde. As Black Sheep, we are known for our striking and contemporary ideas, this new range codifies our creative hot house.”

HHW has gone a step further in their baller range, revealing the exact contents of each blend on their encoded labels. While most other wineries will keep a few secrets up their sleeves, winemaker Nic Bourke believes that this transparency is key, saying, “If you understand the variety and origin of the wine, you enjoy the experience more.”

“We have disclosed every percentage of grape on our labels, which have been innovatively designed by award-winning Adelaide design agency, Voice. The taster will know exactly what they’re drinking in every glass, and this authenticity is the foundation behind the Hugh Hamilton Wines brand.”

There is no need for Defense against these Dark Arts...

The Dark Arts Collection includes four signature wines:

·       Black Ops - 2016

·       Stunt Double - 2016 - (A blend of Cab Sav & Sav Blanc.. Whaaatt?!)

·       Three Card Monte – 2016

·       Agent Provocateur – 2017 – (My favourite!)

Ensuring to never be a one trick pony, this 180 year old family winery will release the fifth installment later this year and as Mary Hamilton explains, “The Dark Arts range will be constantly evolving and changing each vintage, and we can’t wait to develop our playpen of ideas to continue imagining more fearless combinations that work.”

The Dark Arts series is available at the cellar door open 7 days a week, at 94 McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale or you can hit them up online by heading to their website