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RAW Presents: Envision Showcase


RAW Presents: Envision Showcase

Adriana Sinicropi

Last Friday's Envision showcase presented by RAW Adelaide took us on a whimsical journey of the Arts, promoting the talents of Adelaide’s local photographers, artists, make-up artists, hairdressers, fashion designers, jewellery makers and live performers. The art show was spectacularly innovative and captivating, making us only dream of having the natural abilities and creativity of all artists involved.

Simonne Joyce

Abstract Artist Simonne Joyce is a local Adelaide artist, who uses resin and acrylic to create free flowing, uncontrolled art. Taking inspiration from colours of nature and the ocean, Simonne’s art is mystical, dreamy and intriguing to the eye. From round and square abstract pieces on their own, to side tables and cheese boards, the vibrant and unique collection is definitely a head-turner.




Taking inspiration from everything and anything, Artjada’s sketches, paintings and sculptures each tell a different story and convey a new emotion. With the belief that everything she sees and hears is talking to her, whatever she connects with most will stimulate a train of thoughts and emotions. Our favourite piece, pictured below, started off as a sketch of friends, until she became frustrated and covered the canvas with splashes of paint and carved out the faces peeping through.

Image credit via   @artjada

Image credit via @artjada


Mae. Clay Jewellery

Adelaide based Mae. Clay Jewellery gave us serious earring envy – I mean who doesn’t want fruit on their ears? Her range of clay-based earrings take inspiration from bold colours, street art, positivity and contemporary fashion, to create jewellery for girls born to stand out. Who would have thought this home-grown business only started out six months ago!



E.M. Artworks

With messages emulating positivity, freedom and self-discovery, E.M. Artworks produces an array of inspirational pieces. Her art is described as raw expression of energy within and around, with each form capturing a flow of emotion. The canvas pictured below, is supported by a quote to describe its beautifully imperfect expression, “A tribute to the wild, colourful and psychedelic nature of our dreams and our innate ability to bring them to life.”   

E.M Artworks.JPG


Polina Tsymbal

One of our favourite artists of the night, Polina Tsymbal has been focusing on visual expression for the last two years. Her inspiration comes from colour – especially its ability to show emotion and influence perception. Her series of portraits draw from the idea of using colour to flatter personalities. We are getting major cool-girl vibes from the piece displayed below!



Gemma Anne May

At just 14 years old, Gemma began using her creativity to create hairstyles, developing a passion for bold cuts and colours. Her models for the night left all jaws on the floor, with one model sporting a slick lime-green comb-over and another flaunting a fairy-floss ‘fro, with real lollies stuck all around her head! Her hairstyles are completely innovative and inspiring, you’ll never want to see boring hair again.

Image credit via   @gemmaannemay

Image credit via @gemmaannemay


Live Performances

Adelaide’s own live performers tied the show together, guiding us through a range of genres. To kick off the night, Steph Jolly sang her heart out, with guitarist ‘Mike’ by her side. Steph combined blues, jazz and funk in original songs including Street Walker and Heart of Gold, making us sway from side-to-side in delight. China Roses was the name of another unique artist, who emulated a cool, pop/rap sound, combined with electronic music. She managed to get everyone bopping to a cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony and grooving to original songs including cK and Spiritual. Other melodic live performances included folk musician Clancy Page and four spunky indie/rock dudes called The Halfway Charlies.


To find out more information on the Artists at the RAW Envision showcase, click here.  

Header image credit via RAW