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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Adelaide Start Up Link 4 Settle Into Their New CBD Home


Adelaide Start Up Link 4 Settle Into Their New CBD Home

Natalie Carfora


When most people think about Renew Adelaide, the first thing that they think of is somewhere like Low and Slow BBQ. However, Renew Adelaide do plenty of other work with businesses that are overlooked, and the new Link 4 office space is one of those.

In case you're not familiar, Renew Adelaide take vacant spaces and offer them to small businesses or start ups to lease, rent free, for 12 months. Link 4 are lucky to have received the support from Renew with a beautiful 8th floor office space off Waymouth Street, and an opportunity to grow where it may not otherwise have been possible, in the heart of the CBD. 


In a city where Elon Musk has personally invested in the current state of technology and innovation, Link 4 fit right in. They are a business start up that's similar to MYOB or Xero. Link 4 work to help small businesses invoice more quickly and easier than these alternatives. Simplifying the invoicing process, they help small businesses send invoices direct from accounting software to the client's system. Through their innovation, Link 4 are making starting a business more straight forward. 

Government initiatives like this are integral in the growth of Adelaide, and it is through this support that start ups like Link 4 are able to give it a real shot. With any luck, they will join the Renew Adelaide hall of fame graduates and help to form the beginning of the tech renaissance in the city. 

All images via Natalie Carfora