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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Anti-gravity, Underwater Art Is Coming Your Way


Anti-gravity, Underwater Art Is Coming Your Way

Natalie Carfora

We see art in galleries, we see art on the street, but we rarely see art in pools. Wet Sounds is back and transforming the Adelaide Aquatic Centre to an underwater haven.

Wet Sounds has been around for 10 years, visiting 100 pools across Europe, North America, and travelling all the way to Adelaide for the first time this year. Created by Joel Cahen, a London-based audio and visual artist and organiser of experimental art events, Wet Sounds is returning for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe season. Next year, Cahen is teaming up with Rosie Sheba, a freediving instructor and former mermaid (yes, I know).

Wet Sounds is not really theatre, not really art, and not really regular swimming. The whole experience is unlike anything else you have probably experienced in a pool. It works on the principle that sound travels four times faster in water than in air, and the water allows your whole body to perceive the sound, not just your ears. The sound stays clear, providing private spaces in public, and you float in the water, unrestricted by gravity.

For this experience, the audience is able to exist between two spaces: public and private, real and imaginary. Within the private, underwater space audiences listen to a soundscape, and watch scuba divers below.

The 2019 Fringe feels like awhile away, but time is ticking and it won’t be long! You can catch Wet Sounds during their run at the Aquatic Centre from 1st - 18th March 2019. They’ll be in the pool almost everyday, just not Tuesdays or Wednesdays.