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Chatting With China Roses


Chatting With China Roses

Alessia Scriva

Adelaide locals Jes Fisher and Pietro Filippone make up the electronic, Australian-rap duo that is China Roses. Influenced by artists such as Lily Allen, Hocky Dad and Deadmau5, the pair fuses their electronic production and heavy Australian vocals to create high vibrational tracks.

 In a small café in Adelaide’s western suburbs, we talked about all things angels, their new track ‘Outer’ and how they use their individual sounds to create signature China Roses tracks. 


How long have you been making music together?

Pietro: Um, just over a year. We had our first release about 14 months ago and then we kind of decided that we were a duo about a year ago.


And how did the name China Roses come about?

Jes:  I’ll tell the story. So I used to do massages, and I had a lot of Enya in my playlists. So for the record my angel numbers are 444, and one day my playlist was shuffling through most recent and I looked at the time and it was 4:44pm, and then I looked at the track and it was number 44 in the playlist I was in.

Pietro: and if you look at the length of the track its 4 minutes 44 seconds.

Jes: Yeah! and the track was called China Roses, meanwhile I was actually think at the time about what we could name the duo. And yeah it just felt like fate.

Pietro, you’ve previously released electronic tracks under the name Alêtro. How is it different for you working as a duo. What do you think Jes brings to your production?

Pietro: I mean, I can tell as soon as I start writing something whether it fits into what I like or what the China Roses sound is.

Jes: And obviously the Australian accent is a big element. I think the mix of your production and my vocals make us cross over into the Australian music genre.

Pietro: Whereas if you took Jes’ vocals out of my production, it would just be a regular electronic styled song.


Tell me about your new track ‘Outer’

Pietro: Okay, so ‘Outer’ was a song that I produced probably before I met Jes, and I wrote it kind of not really thinking that I’d ever release it. It was kind of like my own project, and then one day I showed Jes and she really loved it and resonated with it, and she just started writing lyrics to it.

Jes: I really liked the vibe of the song when i first heard it, so writing lyrics felt really natural for me. I like to use my intuition a lot when i am writing. Although the name ‘Outer’ was a random choice at the time the track was made, the lyrics ended up following that outer space kind of motif.


I know you hear this a lot, but you guys are often compared to Mallrat. What are your thoughts about that?

 Jes: I am really honoured to be compared to her as an artist! I’ve actually met Grace and she’s super nice. We have had a chat about stuff, and when we started making music we both had the same influences such as Tkay and Allday. I feel like we just follow a similar stream of consciousness. For example sometimes I will work on some lyrics and only show Pietro, and then she will release a song that has the same lines! Its comforting to know we are being compared to such a great artist.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018? Can we expect to see many gigs lined up?

 Pietro: we have been trying for a while now to get an EP together, but I think even though the EP is only four songs, you’ve got to write like…

Jes: 20

Pietro: Yeah, you want to write like 20 songs just to find your style and sound. We have a couple of songs that we think we definitely want in there, but at the same time we want to finish some more songs so that we can really put our best four in. 

Jes: We also have some contacts in Melbourne and we are working on taking our music beyond the Adelaide scene as well.

Pietro: Gig wise, we have North East Party House on the 7th of December at Fat Controller.

Jes: And we have ‘Our Place’ at the Glenelg Backpackers, which is like a music festival with a lot of Australian grungy style bands. 


Listen to China Roses’ new single ‘Outer’ on Spotify now.

Header Image via China Roses