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A Chat With Ben From Boo Seeka


A Chat With Ben From Boo Seeka

Caitlin Ellen

It’s been more than a year since electronica/hip hop duo Boo Seeka released their debut album. Consisting of Ben Gumbleton and Sam Croft. we had a quick chat to Ben about the pair’s year and how they’re currently going around Australia with Corona.

How’s your day going so far? Where are you currently?

I’m in Newcastle at the moment, at my friend’s house, looking after a very wet puppy who’s jumped into the pool. I think most of my day will be dealing with this wet pup.

It’s been a little over a year since releasing Never Too Soon, how has your year been since?

Busy! We’ve only really had the last two months to look over the year. The week that the album came out we were on tour in Europe. It was the feature album on Triple J all week and was being released and talked about everywhere, but we weren’t there for any of it.

New music in the works?

For sure. We were going to release a new single this year, but decided to hold off until next year and release an album half way through.

You’ve just played two free shows in Vic with Corona, right? What was that like?

Three shows now! They were great. It’s a crazy thing, these shows. Corona has given us the chance to give back to our fans with these free shows. They’ve footed the bill and are a really cool company to work with.

How did the tour with Corona come to be? Was it a conversation or did they come to you?

They kind of came to us. It’s a pretty cool thing. Our mates, The Rubens, have done sessions with them before so we knew they were good. Not a lot of artists get the opportunity to do some like this, being flown about with all expenses paid to venues we’ve never played at before. Usually, we’ll fly straight into the heart of a city and then play there. With this we get to drive around for a couple hours and see more.  

Excited to play in SA this weekend? What can people expect from the two nights?

A good night with a few surprises. We’re excited to be playing music to our fans, playing the songs off they album that they do like or that they don’t like. It’s more intimate these nights, going into venues that aren’t usually music venues. They [Corona] have to set up stages and amps and the tech. We’ve played on stages that are the size of my queen-sized bed and it’s surreal to be surrounded by 700, 800 people. Not many artists get to experience that.

Paint a picture for us: Perfect night on tour, what does that look like?

I think a perfect night is a great performance and audience, a couple of chill cold ones, and just a good night overall.

I’ve seen the little stripped back sessions on Instagram, what artists are you vibing at the moment and who’ll be next in one of those videos?

Those have been really fun! The last one I did was a song from A Star Is Born. I went and saw the film and was blown away by the music. I’m not sure who to do next. Maybe I’ll open it up, take requests on who to cover.

Boo Seeka and Corona Sunsets have teamed up to bring 18 free gigs across the 5 states in November and December. They’ll be hitting Adelaide this weekend with two shows on the 24th and 25th of November. You can RSVP here.