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Chatting with the boys from Blind Coyote


Chatting with the boys from Blind Coyote

Harrison Schultz

After fine-tuning their line-up, the four lads who make up the band Blind Coyote have been popping up at shows around Adelaide and for the last year they’ve been getting seriously serious. Having recently released their new single ‘Changes’, we thought it was prime time to find out exactly who and what Blind Coyote are.

Sitting down at Coffee Institute in Walkerville with three of four band members, vocalist and guitarist Paul Christensen, bassist Arthur Mezak and drummer Michael Carter, the group come across as laid back and keen to chat. Missing from the interview is John Christensen AKA Johnny AKA Dr Strangelove, who takes care of keyboard and all things ambient.

How long have you guys been a band for now?

Michael: I reckon its been about four or five years, Paul and I met back at high school, we wanted to start something straight after high school. We didn’t take it too seriously for the first couple years but for the last two years we’ve been trying to get a good bassist but have had a couple roster changes.

Paul: Got some, lost some, got some, lost some.

After searching around for a while, Paul and Michael discovered Arthur, their current bassist and not long after Paul recruited his brother Johnny on keyboard.

With their set up now complete the boys could start developing their style, recording songs and booking in gigs.

Talking about their style, Paul said it’s definitely alternative.

We get asked that question a lot and it’s hard to pick one, two or even five words to describe it. We take a lot of influence from a lot of different people and different styles. So, we got jazz, rock, a lot of pop, a lot of just weird shit going on – so when you amalgamate it, you can only call it alternative.

The band’s alternative style is reflected in the variety of the group’s musical inspirations they draw upon, which include Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Jet.

Their latest single 'Changes is a testament to the alternative genre, with the song being nothing short of an ever-changing journey from start to end.



Can you tell me what the inspirations were for the new single?

Paul: When the band went into record, we didn’t go into it with the plan of it sound a specific way, more we just had something they wanted to say. It’s just like the classic girl likes guy, guy likes girl, girl doesn’t like the guy, that’s the song. We wanted to phrase it in a way that makes sense and is a little more accessible. It’s a little bit angry so it gets a bit rough but its like coming from a place of vulnerability.

Adding that if any inspiration was taken from other musicians, it would be those who are able take listeners on a dynamic ride, “someone like Led Zeppelin, they do a really good job of taking you up and bringing you down.”

Arthur: I think something that we like about that song (Changes) is that the verse has got a completely different sound and feel to the chorus, it’s like a really stark contrast.

So, that was something that sticks out with me with that song, when the chorus kicks in its like a different song, saying something sorta different,” he said.

If you guys could put on any show with no budget, what would you do?

Paul: Live Aid with all the big bands we like, and we get to hang out with them.

Arthur: Yeah, just a giant festival with all the bands we like, the payment (for us), is they need to talk to us.

As for the boy’s favourite place to eat and hang out in Adelaide?

Sunny’s Pizza. It’s become their pre-gig ritual for pizza and beer before heading off to put on a show.

If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your summer, Blind Coyote will be playing a gig at Cry Baby alongside Venice Queens on December 1.

Suss out the event here!

Plus, keep an eye out for upcoming singles which the boys have hinted will be coming out soon.