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Ocean Alley Cruise Right Through A Sold-out HQ


Ocean Alley Cruise Right Through A Sold-out HQ

Harrison Schultz

In a week that was a smorgasbord of huge shows, Ocean Alley served up their own plate of delights with a sold-out show at HQ, treating the crowd to their brilliant psychedelic-surf-rock tunes and laid-back style.

Strutting out to The Dire StraitsMoney for Nothing with beers in hand, right from the get-go Ocean Alley were clicking with the crowd and delivering what they had hoped to come and see; a serious but fun-loving band who put on a bangin’ performance.

Performing a tonne of absolute tunes from their Chiaroscuro album, the shrieks of delight coming from the crowd were deafening at the start of every song, as though each time the band began to play someone would realise it was their favourite song.

One of the biggest moments during the show however, belonged to the moment they played their Like a VersionBaby Come Back (originally by Player). Potentially one of the biggest sing-along’s the new HQ building has seen so far.

One punter at the show commented that he had wanted to see them since before Groovin The Moo and was pretty disappointed to not be able to go earlier in the year.

“I was impressed by how similar they sounded live to their recordings and was super stoked when they played their Like a Version.”

“[I’m] Impressed with how much they got the crowd moving, especially when I’m used to hard hitting shows such as Parkway/Fowlers (R.I.P Fowlers) gigs,” he said.

The gig was made all the more impressive with a brilliant visual show from the team behind the scenes of Ocean Alley, the smoke and lights throughout the show adding to the chilled yet some how energetic vibe the band give off.

Overall, the show gets 4/5 punters screaming ‘Baby Come Back.