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An energetic evening with Trophy Eyes @ The Gov


An energetic evening with Trophy Eyes @ The Gov

Harrison Schultz

Thursday, October 18, Trophy Eyes made their return to Adelaide, bringing their energetic and emotional pop-punk/punk rock sounds to The Gov and damn, did they deliver a trophy (I’m going to reuse this A LOT) worthy performance.

Visiting Adelaide as part of the national tour for their new album The American Dream, Trophy Eyes brought with them support acts Dear Seattle, Maddy Jane and STUMPS, each putting on their own trophy (not sorry) worthy performance.

With The Gov packed out and punters standing shoulder to shoulder, when Trophy Eyes took to the stage 10-minutes late the anticipation amongst the crowd was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.

Playing new and old tunes alike, much to the delight of the sweat-soaked crowd, Trophy Eyes put on a show which was pretty hard to criticize, unexpectedly including the song Hurt, which caught the crowd off guard but quickly had all singing along.

If there was something to criticize, it might have been the lack of inclusion of older songs from their 2014 Mend, Move On album. But, criticizing them for that would be harsh, after all, everyone is always trying to move on.

To cap off the show review, one of the brilliant things about Trophy Eyes’ music is their willingness to tackle topics such as suicide and mental illness; Lead Vocalist John Floreani has used these topics to allow listeners to connect to their music on another level and in live settings there is a unique and undeniable energy among the crowd.

Trophy rating: First place, definitely no participation trophy being given out here.