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REVIEW: Falls Festival - Lorne 2017/18


REVIEW: Falls Festival - Lorne 2017/18

Harrison Schultz

After months of anticipation, the 25th celebration of Falls Festival delivered brilliant live music and all of the good times - without a doubt it was as impressive as ever!

Over the last 25 years, the festival has become a rite of passage for many Australians (and people beyond!) looking to celebrate the new year in one of the most spectacular ways possible. If you’ve never been before let’s break it down into what really makes Falls Festival so special.

So, you’ve secured a ticket, supposedly packed all your stuff (you probably haven’t, you’ll end up using a loaf of bread as a pillow one drunken night) and now you’re on the road in a car full of mates, amped as hell.

Of course, no road trip can be handled without a decent playlist and you’ve already made what you believe is the greatest playlist on Earth. But, there's a cache everyone else in the car had the same idea and suddenly you’re all singing along to Daryl Braithwaites ‘Horses’ once every 30 minutes.

Slowly but surely the road you thought may never end leads you to your designated camping area and before long the tents are set up, the drinks are flowing and festival plans are the topic of the moment. This is probably the moment when one of your group (the already drunk or overly social one) brings over half of the people staying in the surrounding tents, don’t fight it, some of these people are going to end up being the legends you always wanted as mates.


Regardless of exploring in a group or solo, you’ll end up venturing around Rancho Relaxo and The Village during the day but it’s night time and early morning when you really want to come back: there’s a silent disco, karaoke, a BBQ party and plenty more.

Next up you and your new-found mates will be watching your favourite artists play, surrounded by thousands of other party animals, equally as stoked to be there as you. It’s one thing to see an artist fill out a venue, but when that venue is in the middle of a forest and one of the best festivals going around, it’s a whole other ball game.

To give you a full run down of all the amazing acts we would need to sell you a small novel, instead, here are a few of the acts who played this year who we thought killed it:

Alex Lahey - holy shit. Can this girl get any better? Even if you were holding her to an unrealistic standard for her live show she STILL would have surpassed your expectations!


Glass Animals, Angus and Julia Stone, Hatchie and Thundamentals each commanding respect through their own brilliant music.

The Smith Street Band had the crowd screaming their lungs out, ignoring them is goddamn hard when they've got the rest of the crowd singing together, and even if you didn't know the lyrics you'd still be grinning ear to ear.

Flume as usual, giving us his amazing best. However, Falls conspiracy #1 bumping the decks too fast during Never Be Like You, is Flume only human and made a mistake or just part of the show?

It would be rude not to commend Run The Jewels for bringing in the new year with an absolute thumper of a set and a hell yeah in the direction of West Thebarton and Bad Dreams for repping Adelaide!

When the NYE countdown pops up at 60 seconds on the big screen, the excitement amongst the crowd builds and by the time it hits zero the smiles are ear to ear, all arms are around mates and through the alcohol induced fuzz is a moment of clarity you’ll remember forever.

Ultimately what we’d like to say, if you’re to do any festival in Australia, do Falls Festival at least once. If not for the music, then for the people you’ll meet or for the honestly crazy and brilliant experience the festival is.

All photos by Dave Rubinich.

Suss all of his Falls 17/18' galleries below: