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The Electrifying Art Of Chloe Elektra


The Electrifying Art Of Chloe Elektra

Ellie Stamelos

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Adelaide is absolutely budding with talented young artists and creators, and visual artist Chloe Manglaras is no exception. Operating under brand name Chloe Elektra Art, Chloe’s creations are intricately detailed and bursting with vibrancy.

Like many artists, Chloe’s love for art began when she was quite young. She states, “from a young age I knew that I really loved art. Some of the earliest Christmas presents I distinctly remember receiving were pencils, oil paints and pad paper.” Her love for the craft has only grown as she has gotten older; Chloe explains, “I study art, spend my free time creating art and doing market stalls and I’m motivated to travel to places primarily to see their galleries, so you could say that I love it dearly.”

Chloe’s clear passion has led to her current tertiary study of Contemporary Art. Chloe asserts, “everything I learn in uni – from the use of materials to aesthetics and composition – is put into practise through my own art.” Through her studies, Chloe has been able to develop a deeper understanding of art, which serves as inspiration when creating pieces.

'Golden Boy' 2017 

'Golden Boy' 2017 

However, in one of Chloe’s primary techniques – collage – she is self-taught. “It’s something I have just developed through practice, though study of art alongside is clearly very complementary to my work.” Chloe’s collages are kaleidoscopes of colour and layered images, and they’re undeniably eye-catching. For these pieces, Chloe sources images from all around our city; “I have amassed a huge collection of books from op shops around Adelaide and the hills…I cut them up and combine them using layering techniques to create my work. It’s really satisfying to bring new use and new life to images from what are essentially ‘unwanted’ books.”

The pieces will often feature a central figure that serves as a foundation for the rest of the work. According to Chloe, the creative process unfolds quite organically; “I love the feeling of not really knowing what I’m doing, but just doing”. In addition to the layered images, each collage features an abundance of Chloe’s own oil detailing. “I believe the detailing – which is predominately outlining – makes my work really pop”.  She says that her creative approach “makes my work a bit strange and eccentric and somewhat illogical – which I think makes it interesting”. One of Chloe’s favourite collage creations (pictured below) is 'Hold Me In The City’. For Chloe, the piece is a romantic expression of intimacy and love, which depicts “lovers holding each other tight – trying to protect one other from the problematic and unpredictable outside world”. Chloe’s affinity for collage largely stems from the unique outcome of each piece; she describes the thrill of compiling “a range of beautiful, unconnected images to create an altogether new and unique composition that no-one has put together before”.

'Hold Me In The City' 2017 

'Hold Me In The City' 2017 

Chloe speaks with enthusiasm of Adelaide’s art scene, saying, “I truly believe that Adelaide is a real arts hub – brimming with talented and intelligent artists”, mentioning some of the relatively new Adelaide Galleries – Girl Space, The Mill, Sister Gallery – all of which provide a space for emerging local artists. As a young artist herself, Chloe states that the emergence of such spaces is “really encouraging”, and that “there is a real sense of community when it comes to the local industry – and I think that really instils in me a desire to keep at it and to continue to nurture my craft”.

In addition to delving back into university study in 2018, Chloe has plenty of goals to kick this year. “I will be working towards having my first exhibition”, she said, and also hopes to create art on a larger scale. “At the moment I print my works on a relatively small scale. In 2018 I’d love to work towards completing some bigger works, which I believe will prove more effective”. Chloe says she’s got her eye on any opportunity to create “large scale public works” but adds, “at the moment I’m just happy to be creating.”

To keep up-to-date with Chloe’s stunning artworks, follow her on Instagram.

All images supplied by Chloe Manglaras