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We Talk To Wellness Guru Melissa Ambrosini Ahead of ‘Open Wide’ National Tour


We Talk To Wellness Guru Melissa Ambrosini Ahead of ‘Open Wide’ National Tour

Ellie Stamelos

If you’re not familiar with wellness and self-help guru Melissa Ambrosini, allow us to introduce you. Melissa is a bestselling author, having penned two empowering books (Mastering Your Mean Girl, and the recently released Open Wide), is the host of her own podcast show and is sought after as a motivational speaker all around the country.

Melissa’s best-selling first book, Mastering your Mean Girl, gives readers the tools they need to combat their inner critic and achieve their goals in any aspect of life. If you need a little more clarification on the title, Melissa explains that your inner ‘Mean Girl’ is ‘that voice inside your head that says, you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, you will never meet the guy, get out of debt or lose the weight…she’s the voice that’s constantly whispering limiting fear based beliefs to keep you small.” As Melissa states, we all have this inner critic – but she’s passionate about helping her readers to move beyond and ‘master’ this voice in order to experience inner (and outer) peace and wellbeing. As Melissa states, this critic “is not the truth of who you are…LOVE is! The sooner you learn how to master her, the quicker you will experience true inner peace, contentment and happiness”.

Melissa’s latest book, Open Wide, was released just over month ago and is already flying off shelves and receiving rave reviews. In Open Wide, Melissa delves into how to cultivate meaningful, fulfilling connections with your partner and loved ones, and how to become brimming with self-love yourself. Melissa asserts that “Open Wide is the definitive guide to dreamy relationships” and that the book guides readers through topics such as cultivating self-love and confidence within themselves, creating meaningful and fulfilling friendships, and experiencing soulful intimacy and connection with their partner. Open Wide is full of personal anecdotes and crystal-clear insight, as well as “real tools and relatable advice that you can put into action immediately for lasting results. It’s a powerful, life-altering read.” Melissa assures that the book will aid any woman who is searching for authentic connections and to experience “heart-bursting” love.

Melissa Ambrosini

Both of Melissa’s books are full of inspiration and authenticity, evidencing the fact that when it comes to self-care, Melissa really knows how to walk her talk. One of her core beliefs is that “our role here on earth is to be our authentic selves and to share that with the world. If we all showed up as the best and most authentic versions of ourselves then there may not be as much disruption that’s currently taking place.”

Melissa affirms that daily gratitude practises have been life-changing for her, stating that “gratitude shifts your perspective from lack to love. It’s impossible to feel angry and grateful at the same time”.  A big believer in incorporating daily gratitude rituals into life, Melissa expresses gratitude multiple times throughout her day and states a daily gratitude practise can have a transformative impact upon your life, too. “There are no rules, no right or wrong. The only suggestion I have is to implement some form of gratitude practice into your day today, then commit to doing it daily”. Her tips on stressing less and avoiding burnout in an increasingly fast-paced world are also simple yet extremely effective. She states, “do whatever you need to do to release stress and cortisol from your body. Meditate, do yoga, get out into nature, get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, take baths, read, get some sunshine, get a massage, laugh, play, don’t take yourself too seriously and HAVE FUN!”

A passionate advocate for empowering women to live their most authentic lives, Melissa states “I believe women are incredibly powerful and almighty, and when we show up and step up as the best and most authentic selves something truly magical happens. We conquer our internal world and when we conquer our internal world we conquer our external world too.” Melissa’s simple advice for any women reading this is? “You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing, changing or improving. YOU ARE MAGIC just as you are. Don’t forget it!”

The Open Wide Australian Tour kicks off at the end of this month, and you’re going to want to be there. Not simply a book launch, the tour is in collaboration with Melissa’s husband, musician Nick Broadhurst. Melissa asserts that the tour will be “Coldplay meets TedTalks”, and will combine Nick’s incredible sound and Melissa’s words of wisdom for an experience that will be meditative, emotive, and totally transformational. Melissa promises it will be “like nothing you have ever experienced before” and that audience members “will walk in one way and leave forever changed”. The tour hits Adelaide on the 5th of February - to grab a ticket to this feel-good experience, click here.

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