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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Food Court For Thought


Food Court For Thought

Samantha Smith

All images provided by  Food Court

All images provided by Food Court

After pumping out 11 cuts in less than a week, Food Court are back and ready to drop their latest track. Their long awaited debut Good Luck was all recorded live in collaboration with producer John Castle. The album is set to impress with stories of lost loves, insomnia and anxiety.

The band recently released their new single I’ve Been Wrong at Jive, in support of Tired Lion. We were lucky to have a chat about their music, dinner plans and what they have got planned for the future.

You’re heading out on tour with Tired Lion next month, what are you most looking forward to whilst touring with them?

Definitely looking forward to playing to the fun crowds Tired Lion are sure to bring. They are a great band and put on a rad show.

Congratulations on making it onto Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’ and ‘The A List: Alternative’ playlists early August! What songs or bands feature on your favorite playlist?

Battlehounds, Boomgates, Press Club, Shearin’, Good Boy.

You’ll be playing your latest single ‘I’ve Been Wrong’ at Jive on the 22nd of September. Have you played at this venue before? If so, any good stories?

What happened at Jive, stayed at Jive ;) It was weird, but we’ll try anything twice.  

You’re the first Aussie band to sign to Dine Alone Records, congrats! Food Court and Dine Alone…there seems to be a food theme here. If you were to throw a huge dinner party, who would you invite?

This is a great one, the hypothetical dinner party is something we’ve discussed during the hours of drinking on previous band trips. We’d probably start by raising Chris Farley from the dead and just get him to do the invites.

Your album Good Luck drops on the 22nd of September, what was the creating process like for you?

It was great working with John Castle down in Melbourne. We had collectively decided that size mattered for this album. John had all the machines, bells, whistles and bicycle pumps to make our sound bigger than before and took us from boys to men in 5 short days.  

You’re Sydney based but is there anywhere else in the world you’d love to live and create music in? Why?

Wollombi near Hunter Valley is a place we’d rather be at times. Escaping to the country for a dose of clean country air and trout fishing.

Where’s your favorite spot to hang out in Adelaide?

In the small time we’ve spent in Adelaide we’d had a couple of good nights at the Edinburgh Castle. One time we even had a wee dance on the D floor, which we don’t often do but quite enjoy on occasion. We should dance more.

What's next for Food Court?

A cup of tea and a long lie down in a dim room with the sound on the TV down really low. When we rise from that, more gigs with great bands and lifelong friendships.


To find out more about Food Court, check out their Facebook page