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Zen Panda Launched Their New EP Through The Roof


Zen Panda Launched Their New EP Through The Roof

Jason Katsaras

After releasing a killer self-titled EP, Zen Panda put on a hell of a show to back it up. With supports from Neon Tetra and Bermuda Bay, the groups collectively turned Jive into a multi-storey party.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

Both Bermuda Bay and Neon Tetra put on brilliant shows, with considerably large crowds and large performances. Frontman of Neon Tetra, Josh Allen, took full advantage of the packed out room to connect and move around the crowd. Musically both supports were tight, and frankly, beautiful. The indie synth rock and funk influences of each sat perfectly with the feel of the evening.

To great applause, later in the evening Zen Panda took to the stage. The characterful group were at first joined by the father of some members, before being thanked by the band, "thanks Dad". The characterful Sam Lavers wowed audiences with his slick moves and even slicker vocals, accompanying a smorgasbord of musical groove. Their set ranged from the deeply emotional 'Prior Arrangement' to more bouncy pop tunes. At times the convergence of instruments created a funky wall of sound, which was absolute bliss to hear. As the set began to wrap up, punters were absolutely transfixed as they huddled closer together than we've ever seen at Jive, for any alike show. Truly one to remember... if you didn't snag a ticket to see these indie rock sensations in their element, we're sorry.

Please play again soon Zen Panda, we want to have another boogie. x

All Images by Jason Katsaras.