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Interview: Crooked Colours


Interview: Crooked Colours

Nadia von Bertouch

Perth electronic three piece, Crooked Colours have just set off on their national tour after the release of the band’s debut album, Vera. The tour kicked off in Ballarat last Friday night and is set to travel across the country, hitting Adelaide on August 17th. We spoke to one of the band members, Liam Merret-Park, ahead of the tour to see what they have in store for fans over the next few months.


Hey Liam, firstly congrats on the release of your debut album Vera! That must be a great feeling?

Thank you! Yeah for sure, it’s been such a long process and we’re so happy to just get it out there.

How has the album been received so far?

It’s been received really well, it’s been so great. We never know what to expect and it’s such a good feeling to have positive feedback and to have people enjoying it and supporting it.

Over the first two tracks we got a taste of were the single releases 'Flow' and 'I Hope You Get It' featuring Ivan Ooze, how did you decide on these tracks being heard first?

Well we knew from the start 'I Hope You Get It' was definitely going to be released first, that was for sure. When we wrote it and had Ivan Ooze featuring on the track, it was a unanimous decision. 'I Hope You Get It' is a bit different and we thought it was a good pair to release 'Flow' with it as well. So yeah, I think it was good for the album that those two came out first.

They’ve both been featured pretty prominently on Triple J, what’s it like to have that support? Is it important for you when releasing new music?

Triple J is just amazing. It really really helps, I can’t imagine what it would be like without it almost [laughs]. It’s been quite positive for us that they have picked it up and people have responded well to it.

So previously you’d only released an EP and a few single tracks right?

Yeah just lots of singles and an EP of a few of the tracks. 

Was the plan always to release a full album next?

 Well I think the plan was to do two EPs and then an album. We wrote the first one and everything was going to plan; then we were writing a second one and it was like… these songs don’t really go together but they’re still good as stand alones. So then we were thinking of doing singles but thought let’s scrap the idea of doing an EP and let’s just go straight into the album. It did take a lot longer than we thought, but we ended up completing our goal.

Was the recording process for an album a lot different than an EP?

Yeah, definitely! You’re working on like 10 songs at once, or even twenty. You want to devote your time to each one of the songs, but yeah it took two years and we couldn’t spend any longer on every song we had. Songs would finish and we’d go “this isn’t going on the album” and we’d end up scrapping it. So you kind of have to prioritise each song, which is a lot different than just writing a song and being happy with it, so it was quite different.

So the title track Vera (which doesn’t feature any singing)... was there a reason behind that as the album name?

Well initially that track was called Aloe Vera.

Oh, Cool!

Yeah! So that was just the working title and we were set on it while making the album, but at the end we were kinda like, why not open that box up again. We ended up with Vera, which is off of that track (Aloe Vera), and so we then changed the name of the track to just Vera. It was kind of a weird process [laughs].

The album art was something that really stood out to me when I first checked it out, did you call on an artist for help with the design?

Yeah we were trawling through Instagram looking for designs for a long period of time, just looking for inspiration and things. We stumbled upon this girl whose Instagram name is Mellongwen so we contacted her and said “hey can you do something for us?”. We showed her the album and asked what she was feeling… and that’s what she did! 

It’s incredible, we’re absolutely stoked with it.

Yeah I think it definitely reflects the feel of the album.

Yep. She nailed it.

image via soundcloud

image via soundcloud


So your tour kicks off in Ballarat on Friday, how’s the preparation going for that?

Ahh, good! We’re all in Melbourne at the moment and we’ve just been rehearsing for the past couple days and then yeah, we’ve got a few big days ahead of us. I think we’re nervous at the moment, with a little bit of apprehension, but we’re also just excited. It’s the biggest tour we’re gonna do so we’re quite excited to see what the reaction is gonna be like.

Awesome! You guys are from Perth and you’re finishing off the tour there, how is it different playing in your home state?

Playing in Perth is always great. We don’t get to go back there as much as we’d like, so it’s really nice, it’s like a little homecoming. Yeah we’re really excited for the Perth shows, one of them is hopefully predicted to sell out I think. I think we’re just really excited for all the shows [laughs].

image via @prebeg

image via @prebeg

Then after that you head over to Europe and the UK, will that be your first time touring overseas?

Yeah definitely. We did a few overseas shows in America, in LA and New York, but they were more showcases rather than our own shows. So yeah, it’s the first time doing our own shows in international waters. We don’t know what to expect! We’re just really baffled by it – the fact that we get to do something like this.

Is there anywhere you’re super excited to play?

Um, probably Germany. We’ve heard 'I Hope You Get It' is getting quite a lot of air time over there, so it’ll be interesting to see how it translates to anyone coming. I’m very excited for our London show as well cause there’s a lot of expats over there, I feel like it’s gonna be a little Australian show.

And the plan from there is to head to the US?

Yep, so February and March for America. Again it’ll be a run of our own shows this time so that’ll be cool to go back and kind of see if we’ve impacted the states at all by that time.

So in between do you have any Australian summer music festivals lined up?

Yeah so I think we’re doing This That, Spilt Milk and Yours and Ours, and there might be a few more we play over the summer. It’ll be an Australian summer for sure.

Well it sounds like you’ve got a huge few months ahead, Thanks for speaking to us Liam I’ll see you at your Adelaide show.

Awesome, see you there.


You can catch Crooked Colours on their Vera tour at Fat Controller on August 17th.

Header image via UK Complex