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The State Theatre Company's Macbeth Is Truly Inspired And Wicked


The State Theatre Company's Macbeth Is Truly Inspired And Wicked

Erin Gear

Traditionalists beware, this is Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it before. The State Theatre Company’s 2017 Season so far has been a smash hit, with stellar performances from A Doll’s House, 1984 and Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. Director Geordie Brookman’s reimagining of Shakespeare’s tragedy magnificently taps into the eery and timeless ‘curse of Macbeth’, which has haunted its stage and audience for centuries. 

We were fortunate enough to take a back stage glance into the making of, and inspiration for the play, before settling in to watch the gruesome performance. The set has incredible attention to detail, and embodies a very industrial post-apocalyptic vision. Taking creative inspiration from modern warfare, such as the Syrian War, Brookman’s Macbeth visually has the atmosphere of an episode of The Walking Dead, whilst still maintaining that all important Shakespearian dialogue. 

The script has been slightly condensed for staging purposes, but the cast deliver an exceptionally bold and fatalistic performance regardless. Nathan O’Keefe and Anna Steen respectively star as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, both delivering truly riveting performances. O’Keefe in particular captures Macbeth’s internal war and insanity spectacularly. 

The contemporary reinterpretation is not only seen within the staging and costuming, as the accompanying music and sound effects are what bring the performance together and into the modern and futuristic world. DJ TR!P, an electronica musician and sound engineer, is the genius composer for the performance. His music will have you on the edge of your seats. 

It's gory, it's tragic, it's wicked, and most importantly it's bloody. In fact, the cast uses 10L of ‘blood’ every night! Their costumes are saturated in the scarily realistic looking blood, they’ll be cursing ‘out, damned spot’ for weeks. 

The State Theatre Company will be showing Macbeth in the Dunstan Playhouse until the 16th of September, so you’ve still got ample time to witness this spectacle for yourself.

For more information and tickets visit the State Theatre Company’s website here.

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