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Interview: Jack Bourke from City Calm Down


Interview: Jack Bourke from City Calm Down

Harrison Schultz

They’ve got a sound that captivates all, they’re progressive, stylish but seriously down to earth, and they’re about to hit Adelaide. With shows around Australia selling out, we figured what better time to get in touch and have a a slightly different chat to last time!

Stuck on a desert island for a year with a single movie soundtrack to listen to, which one?

I sort of instinctively go to The Good, the Bad the Ugly but that’s just me thinking about what will look good with a desert (island), I dunno if I’d actually wanna listen to that the whole way through, you’d probably want something more optimistic... great soundtrack though! The Bladerunner soundtrack is probably one of my favourites, I don't know if that’s appropriate for a desert island, but I’d probably go for that!

Sporting team takes out a premiership... what song would you want to celebrate with?

Well, I follow the Richmond Tigers and they’ve got the best theme song in the competition, that’s undisputed. I think most people would acknowledge it’s the best! It’s kind of boring to just go with the AFL theme. If you’re putting it behind a film, probably We Are the Champions but I don't know if I could stand it [as my celebration song].

What song best describes your last hangover?

The last time I woke up with a hangover, the last song I remember listening to was Common People by Pulp. I sort of remember putting it on and goofing around, dancing to it by myself. It’s sort of appropriate, isn’t it? Everyone hates a hangover and you feel rotten and that’s sort of what Common People [is about].

Stuck in a lift with a few of your own songs playing, could you narrow down a few to play on loop?

If There’s a Light On, just because the intro is quite long, I wouldn’t have to listen to it as many times, and then I think the lyrics to Border on Control might be appropriate!

So you guys have just dropped a video clip for the single ‘Blood’ (check it out below), do you have any favourite videos clips by other people?

The video clip for The Rip by Portishead is a favourite, just the animation is dark and beautiful, it ties in so nicely with the mood of the song. I really like video clips that draw out the emotion of the song, there’s plenty of video clips that just do their own thing but the ones that I've always been drawn to were the ones like that. I think the video clip for Sea Within a Sea by The Horrors is sweet, it’s minimal, the way they made it from a conceptual point of view, it’s excellent.

Jumping down a different path, away from music for a second, as opposed to things you enjoy, everyone has a sound that they really just hate, for example I can’t deal with scratching cardboard. What’s it for you?

Ohhh, there’s a certain culprit in the band (who creates the sound) and we have a hypothetical - you can either have two dogs on a bed having sex, or you can have this person eating yoghurt next to you. I feel like we could have something worse than two dogs though because this person eating yoghurt is intolerable, they get kicked out of the room now.

Pump up song, to get you going before a gig?

Yeah, All My Friends by LCD Sound System, it’s got a sort of celebratory feel to it as well (in regard to that earlier question).

Last up, any all-time favourite songs that you’d chuck into a playlist?

Well, depending on the mood… The Rip by Portishead and Body Snatchers by Radiohead (would be in there!)

That’s a pretty great collection of music, thanks for your time mate, can’t wait to see you hit The Gov later on this week! 

Want to grab a few tickets before it sells out? Hit this link right HERE!

Image courtesy of City Calm Down