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RADL's Unique Guide To Father's Day 2017


RADL's Unique Guide To Father's Day 2017

Alexia Frangos

Old man, Papa, Baba, Daddio, Chief, King, Padre; whatever you call your superhero Dad you know he's deserving of some undivided love and attention for at least one day of the year – because let's be honest, even Mum steals the spotlight on his b'day. This year we've selected the cream of the crop to guide all you lost little lambs that are still trying to wrap your head around the fact September is next week!

We all know Fathers are a special kind of human; you know they'll do anything for you, love you and appreciate you – but they still give you shit for finding you at 7am in the backyard after a drunken night out 5 years ago... cheers Dad. Yes they're an odd collection of men, but we love them just the same, so in turn we've gathered a unique guide to celebrate Papa's Day on Sunday September 3rd. 


Dads usually aren't the type to want poached eggs, smashed avocado and bubbles on a Sunday, but not all of them want a stout and schnitzel either, so we've found a place that's perfectly balanced. Enter Plant 4 Bowden; with two aspects going on at this amazing warehouse-turned-innovative-hub, one of them being a Father's Day luncheon on the balcony full of generous shared feasts by in-house chefs and eateries, paired with local craft beer and wine. This extraordinary experience will have your old man having a celebratory full-belly nap when you get home; the luncheon tickets include craft beer/wine on entry, an immaculate 3 course shared feast by Cheese-a-holics, Voula's Greek Cafe, and San Jose eats, live music, and a chance to meet the producers behind the food and bevvies!

When: Sunday September 3rd, 12pm-3pm
Where: Plant 4 Bowden @ 1 Third Street, Bowden 5007
Tickets: Buy them here. $70 per person, $35 for ages 6-10, free for ages 0-5.

How awesome is this space? 

How awesome is this space? 

Alternatively if a sit-down meal isn't up your Dad's alley, the main marketplace will be open from 9am-4pm so you can enjoy an easy, delicious meal together with choice of many in-house cuisines, have a shop around the local stalls, and sip on some craft beer, wine or cocktails.


You've seen people do it while you're watching the footy at Adelaide Oval, and you've probably wondered if you should do it one day. Well here's the perfect opportunity for you and your Dad to make a memorable Father's Day gift: Adelaide Oval RoofClimb! Get him a gift that'll be one for the ages, the RoofClimb experience lets Dad discover a view of Adelaide that he's never seen before, taking in the beauty and history of the iconic Adelaide Oval to then turn around and enjoy the Riverbank views.

Smiles for days! 

Smiles for days! 

If your old man is one for adrenalin, you can throw in a surprise so he can lean out 50 metres over the ground tethered by only a harness (not sure if Mum will approve though)! Here's a few reasons why the RoofClimb will be great for your Pops: it gives him a breath of fresh air because we all know how hard our Dads work to provide for us; he sees an incredible view, perhaps giving him some much needed perspective on life; a thrilling experience that'll give him a rush for the next month; memories to look back on for a lifetime; and having fun and spending time with his closest loved ones - you! Gather up your siblings and even Mum to give him the ultimate experience he needs this year.


You've seen the commercials, you've seen the Facebook ads, and you've probably seen Johno drink one while driving his ute. This year one of South Australia's icons is giving back to its most loyal fanbase; that's right, Farmers Union Iced Coffee is celebrating Dads all over SA with a very special thank you to their No.1 supporters. While the words on the carton may change, Farmers Union Iced Coffee is still made in Salisbury, with the same great tasting iced coffee that all SA fans know and love. For a limited time you can find Father's Union in four collectable cartons "No.1 Dad", "Total Legend", "Big Fella", and "The Boss", why not buy your Pops all four and give him a gift he'll enjoy drinking, and enjoy keeping. 

Dylan Lewis with his kids enjoying his No.1 Dad titled Father's Union bev!

Dylan Lewis with his kids enjoying his No.1 Dad titled Father's Union bev!

Adelaide Nova host and No.1 Dad Dylan Lewis knows that most Dads are low-maintenance, "I'm sure I speak for all my fellow South Aussie dads out there when I say that a carton of Father's Union Iced Coffee and good company is more than enough to make dad happy". While Director of Lion Dairy & Drinks' Marketing & Innovation Darryn Wallace says “We have a proud following of local South Aussie men, so what better way to honour some of them this Fathers Day, than with the limited edition Fathers Union Iced Coffee cartons".

No matter what you decide to do for your Dad this year, he's the bloke that'll appreciate the little things; whether it's new socks, being taken out for a meal, or simply given a big fat hug, they'll always love and appreciate us despite wrecking most of his stuff. Spoil your old man this Father's Day, he deserves it!

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