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Q&A with The Montreals


Q&A with The Montreals

Erin Gear

We were lucky enough to snag some time with The Montreals, a local Adelaide four piece, indie-rock band, who are taking the Australian music scene by storm, as only Radelaidians can. They're sure to be a name you'll be hearing a lot more of within the next year, that's a guarantee. The band is made up of Stefan Athanasov, Angus Crawford, Lachy Billows and Graham Cochran, and they gave us one of our most memorable interviews to date!

deadheads was released earlier this month, and you can stream it on Spotify and download it on iTunes. Listen to this absolute banger of tune below, and have a read of interview too - there may even be some exclusive deets from the boys you can chew on too!

Hey, first of all congrats on all your success so far. Definitely doing little ol’ Radelaide proud! You recently released your first single of 2017, deadheads, and it’s awesome by the way, the perfect pre-drinks or Sunday session song. What do you like the best about it and how do you think it compares to you to your previous singles?

Stefan: Thank you! Ya very kind. What’s really cool I find is that now we have a strong footing for when we release songs, we can start to experiment, as well as put more of ourselves into the work without feeling pressures of J plays, or Spotify plays, or any of that jizz-jazz. So, deadheads, and everything from here on in, is going to be wilder & more ‘us’ than anything we’ve released.

We noticed that you also recently advertised deadheads above Britannia roundabout, that’s a pretty prime spot! What was like seeing your music advertised in such a big way?

Stefan: We’ve got Angus’ shiwfty Photoshop skills to thank for that one. That may or may not have been fabricated (it was). Those things are like $10,000 a pop – as soon as Spotify pays up we’ll be up there for sure!

Well you fooled me, I certainly though it was legit! Was there some sort of idea you had behind the artwork for the cover of the single? Did you do it yourselves or collaborate with someone to produce it?

Angus: We kind of didn’t want the single art to make sense – just be weird as and eye catching. We collaborated with our very talented friend Charles Phillpot to take the photograph.
Big cheers to Meg for the wild deadheads type and also Lily for being our model, she has the best “I’m sick of yo shit” face in the Southern Hemisphere!

You guys were also played on Triple J the other day, that’s huge! Was that a big moment for you guys, where were you when Home & Hosed dropped it?

Angus: That was a darn tootin’ great moment. We were both munching on Zambies burritos when Dom shot us a message, so we stuffed them down and went looking for a radio to listen on!

Have you ever made mistakes or had really awkward technical errors during performances?

Angus: Stefan’s amp routinely fails during live shows, it’s part of the set-list now.

If you could support or play alongside any two bands or artists who would you choose and why?

Stefan: OutKast – So I could do guesties on ‘hey-ya’ maybe throw in a new verse or two as well. Or 50 Cent – Indigo Club was actually a cheap rip off of ‘In da Club’ .

What’s the most outrageous or out of the ordinary question you’ve been asked in and interview, or even at a gig?

Angus: “What’s the most outrageous or out of the ordinary question you’ve been asked in and interview, or even at a gig?”

Touchè. Touchè. I don’t like to ask ‘where do you see yourselves in five years’ because honestly like who the f*ck knows, but do you have a bucket list as band? What are some of your goals?

Stefan: I want to perform on an American talk show super bad, like Jimmy Kimmel or something. That’s at the absolute top of my list for sure!

You have a very distinct and well-established aesthetic as a band now, like you’ve raided some of the best vintage clothes stores in Adelaide. Did you specifically choose to style yourselves in this way or was it something you more or less fell into?

Stefan: I love colour. Straight up, anything colourful rule$. Especially if it doesn’t look like you could rock it in the street – like that golden jacket (which has these monster shoulder pads in it), or the Big Lebowski robe. There’s this loose idea I have, of a Wes Anderson film meets a dingy dive bar, that I kinda throw at everything visually. I feel as though, nowadays, we’re totally bombarded with so much information and photographs, you have to do something stupid to even mildly stand out. We’ve been fortunate enough to be best frands with the likes of Charles Phillpot & more recently, Fenj (Jack Fenby) who can actualise my mostly ambiguous ideas.

What item of clothing do you wear the most? Or do you have any ‘lucky’ items of clothing you wear to gigs, or and pre-gig rituals we can know about?

Angus: I custom-shopped an OBEY hat to read ‘don’t disobey ya mum’ – it’s the luckiest one for sure! Will send ya piccys of it.

image via The Montreals official Instagra

image via The Montreals official Instagra

Random question time, because we all love them - what was the last thing you bought?

Angus: A blonde, ladies wig – don’t ask why.

Intriguing. But I won't ask, will let you have that secret. Ideal BBQ guest list, and you each have one guest. Who would you invite and why?

Lachy: Bruce Springsteen – because he’s the boss, also I reckon he’d cook up a mean steak sanga.
Angus: Obama – Just want to see what he’s been up to.
Graham: Matt Griener (drummer from August Burns RED) – Cause he is a gun.
Stefan: Hannibal Buress or Eric Andre – I feel like our vibes would vibe out together.

Cliché I know, but musical heroes?

Stefan: I definitely froth it when artists have more to them than simply playing songs, people like Tyler the Creator, who just do rad shit all the time – regardless if it’s music related or not, to me is where it’s at. Also The Strokes – The guitars are so fuggen good, definitely shaped a lot of my formative years.

If there were to be a movie produced about your life, who would you want to play you?

Stefan: Danny Devito for sure, also bring in the entire cast of Always Sunny in Philadelphia to act as the band. No doubt.

You only have three words to describe yourself as a band – go!

Angus: ‘Always. Eating. Beers.’

If you had to give up one thing, drinking alcohol, or listening to your favourite band, which would it be?

Angus: I usually do both of those things synchronously - this is non-negotiable, pass!

The Montreals' are supporting The Creases at their Adelaide show on Friday the 8th September at Rocket Bar & Rooftop, so be there or be square!

Header image via The Montreals.