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Chiara La Woo Drop Wicked New Single 'One Of Us'


Chiara La Woo Drop Wicked New Single 'One Of Us'

Natasha Martin

Adelaide Boys Chiara La Woo, just dropped a wicked new single titled 'One Of Us' and we gotta say, it's a bloody tune. This is the first single off of the anticipated debut EP - we've been told to expect a pretty diverse sounding EP, and that 'One Of Us' is one of the more reggae tunes. Glen Shepherd, Waylen Ramsey, Tom Redden and Jack Redden are the talented fellas that make up C.L.W, who have graced Adelaide with such a fantastic and diverse sound. We are always blown away with what they produce!

chiara la woo 'one of us'

'One Of Us' is dripping with high energy and takes you to another world, treating you to all the Indie Rock/Reggae goodness you could dream of. We had a little chit-chat to Tom from the band to talk about the new single and the inspiration and meaning behind it. 

"The song started out as just a bit of a party jam, we liked playing it live. It came about pretty quickly and just as quickly morphed into a song about heading out on the town. I guess an invitation to have a good time, and it turning into a big night as it says in the second verse as the night rolls on, you're giving yourself wings. I’m pretty sure it was written in a time when we just started gigging a lot doing our first bit of travelling around for gigs and having a really good time."
unearthed review

There is no doubt that they throw themselves into their music and it shows during their live performances - if you've ever been to one of their shows then you know of much of a good time it is! If you haven’t then don’t worry, because they will be announcing shows at the end of the year. So stay tuned, and keep your eye out for not only a sensational EP, but for a stunning show to rock out to some groovy tunes.


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Unearthed Page

All Images via Chiara La Woo Facebook Page and Triple J Unearthed page