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Alphabetical Fruit At The Adelaide Central Market


Alphabetical Fruit At The Adelaide Central Market

Rachel Darling

Fresh, quality produce and the sharing of food is something that Adelaide is no stranger to. As a state that cherishes its many wineries and locally sourced ingredients, we know that mealtimes are what bring people together, making the most vivid and long-lasting memories. The Adelaide Central Market has a long-standing relationship with Adelaide foodies, and can be seen as the central hub of our food obsession. This winter, shoppers are already flocking there for soup ingredients and winter-warmer essentials, but throughout August they can add ‘alphabetical fruit’ and live art to their shopping lists. Local artist, Catherine Fitz-Gerald is this year’s SALA Festival Artist In Residence for The Adelaide Central Markets, and she will be sharing her love of art and family recipes with the market community.

Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Fitz-Gerald is a renowned Adelaide artist, best known for her use of colour and light when painting food and, in particular, fruit. This SALA season, while market vendors show off their shiniest apples and their ripest avocados, Fitz-Gerald will be supplying fruit of the painted kind. ‘I’m very excited to be the artist in residence at the Adelaide Central Market during SALA this year,’ she says, ‘For many years now I have been slowly painting my way through the alphabet of fruit, but I still have some letters to go.’

Image via Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Image via Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Much like the market itself, Fitz-Gerald has an established relationship with food and family recipes. ‘Food is a universal language, like music, dance or art,’ she explains, ‘sharing a harvest helps build communities. We try other culture’s recipes and so learn to appreciate diversity.’ As part of her artist residency, Fitz-Gerald is encouraging market-goers to share their own family recipes with the community. ‘I’m hoping people will connect to their own family memories and maybe be inspired to try something new.’ Fellow recipe-lovers can either bring in a copy to Fitz-Gerald’s market stall or upload them to her website. ‘I love the way recipes move through a community, travelling from family to friends and neighbours,’ she says, ‘this is what I’m hoping will happen throughout the month I’m in residence, people sharing their family recipes. Anyone can contribute, from children to grandparents.’

Catherine Fitz-Gerald Adelaide Artist

The Adelaide Central Market is a most fitting place to find Fitz-Gerald, with her fruit paintings known to look good enough to eat. Since she has been painting fruit for many years, and will have some of her existing works on display. ‘Some oil paintings take two years to complete,’ she laughs, ‘remember oils take time to dry!’ However, she will be painting three days a week and does promise to be working on a ‘Xigug’(Chinese Watermelon) — ‘As you can imagine, it is difficult to find fruits starting with the letter “x”!’ she says.

'K for kiwi fruit and kiwi berries.' Oil on board, 8 inches square.

'K for kiwi fruit and kiwi berries.' Oil on board, 8 inches square.

Fitz-Gerald and her fruits will be located in the south-west corner of the market. She will be live-painting on Thursdays 11-5, Fridays 11-7 and Saturdays 10-3 from August 3rd to the 26th. She will also have photographic prints and cards for sale.

For more information about Catherine Fitz-Gerald, or to contribute a recipe, head over to her website.

Photography by Adelaide photographer, Joseph Ninio