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Review: National Science Week – When Galaxies Collide


Review: National Science Week – When Galaxies Collide

Harrison Schultz

Walking into The Gov, it was the first time I wasn’t greeted with hundreds of punters waiting to go crazy over a band; instead it was like wondering into a totally different building. The conversations all around me seemed to share a more ‘educational’ tone, and the room entertained a great age diversity, from pre-primary school to retired and relaxed. No matter, I was definitely in the right place, because this audience was about to be treated to the wonderful astrophysicist, Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith.

Walking onto the stage, her cheery attitude made it feel like we might be about to see a comedy, 5 minutes later, this was definitely not the case however. Dr. Harvey-Smith began by introducing us to our location in the universe, proceeding to introduce to us to how small we are (in the universe). Feeling so small, the best way to bring us out of this 'slump' Dr. Harvey-Smith then flooded us with interesting facts about our planet, The Milky Way and the universe. To be 110% honest, it left you feeling lucky and exhilarated to exist.

As one of the first events to kick-start National Science Week, When Galaxies Collide was designed to explain the literal topic title, in a way your average Joe might be able to understand. Around 4 billion years from now our galaxy, The Milky Way, will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. TBH it would probably take me 4 trillion years to try and understand and explain the whole idea, but Dr. Harvey Smith managed to explain how we will arrive at this point in less than an hour.

If you missed out on When Galaxies Collide, keep an eye out for stacks of other events that will be held around Adelaide this National Science Week (which is actually more like an entire month).

Check out this event page:

The website:

Whatever you do this National Science Week, there's an event to interest everyone!

Image source: City of Adelaide Facebook