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South Australia To Break World Record With Biggest Ever Lithium-Ion Battery


South Australia To Break World Record With Biggest Ever Lithium-Ion Battery

Harrison Schultz

A short time ago premier Jay Weatherill announced that South Australia will be entering an agreement with Neoen and Tesla, to install the world’s largest lithium-ion battery. Praising both Neoen and Tesla, Mr. Weatherill stated of the 91 offers made from around the word, this deal would best suit South Aussies' needs.

Today’s ground-breaking decision follows on from talks several months ago, where Tesla founder Elon Musk announced they would be able to have a battery installed and working within 100 days of a contract being signed, or the package would be free. When asked about a comparison between coal energy and this project, Mr. Musk explained that coal simply doesn't have the long term future as the renewable energy project, and therefore doesn't have the same appeal to investors. The location for the battery build is set for Jamestown in the state's mid-north, where lies one of Neoen's turbine farms and local company CPP have locked in a contract for on-going work.

The agreement is set to help put South Australia on the forefront of renewable energy, with the proposed battery being over three times more powerful than any other ever created. Ultimately the project will help create jobs and a more reliable energy network, aiming to avoid another load-shedding event - what occurred in February, leaving huge areas of South Australia in the dark.

Header image sourced via Jay Weatherill Facebook page