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Burnside Mums Drop Their First Music Video


Burnside Mums Drop Their First Music Video

Harrison Schultz

We bloody love Adelaide bands, and of all of those bands to love, we reckon Burnside Mums are damn good for newcomers... so we get pretty excited when they release something new.

Just the other week we saw them drop a double release, featuring the tracks The World Around Us and Drive Around Town, while this week has seen the guys drop a video to go along with The World Around Us. The group has even had recognition from Triple J Unearthed, this week scoring an artist spotlight, and rotation on the digital channel.

The premise of the archival footage from Elizabeth was interesting because it used to be this snazzy new suburb with new houses, cars and factories everywhere. These days, its fallen into disrepair and there's a lot less employment and [more] social issues. Therefore I thought the old footage ties in a lot with the sentiment of the song (in that of an unideal place).
- Jason Katsaras, lead vocals/guitar.
I've always been interested in old images and footage of Adelaide. Sometimes I think we forget that generations have lived their lives around the landmarks and streets that we live around now, and sometimes take that for granted.
- Jason Katsaras.

While short and sharp, it's definitely sweet and is a literal metaphor for the track title. The video features footage shot around Adelaide, giving a brief insight into the life that went on in public spaces, alongside footage of the guys ripping it up on stage.  If you’re keen to give it a suss, check it out below. You’ll also be able to see the boys support Ron The Ox this Friday at Ratbags! Event info is here.

Can't remember where it was but I saw a photo of some legend's map of SA tattoo with a few bands inked on it too like Bad//Dreems and maybe Horror My Friend. They better save some space for this band too. - Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

All Images by Mariah Anzil.