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Interview: Lisa Mitchell


Interview: Lisa Mitchell

Elena Nees

Folk-pop sweetheart Lisa Mitchell has recently returned home after touring her 2016 album Warriors through packed out venues in the UK & Europe. Far from resting easy, she’s getting ready to set off around the country again, this time with company. Joined by indie crooner Dustin Tebbutt, The Distant Call collaborative tour will see both artists sharing the stage and their songs. We caught up for a chat with Lisa to talk about the upcoming tour and some of the other projects she’s working on at the moment.

Hey, is that Lisa?  Its This Is Radelaide here!

Oh great, how are you doing?

Good thanks, how’s your day been today?

Good, yeah, busy! I’m usually pretty relaxed but just leading up to this tour I’m running around, organising my outfits, rehearsing. There’s lots to prepare... I had some studio time this morning and I’m running out to some fashion stuff this afternoon, which is dangerous, I might spend too much money [laughs].

That sounds exciting... and you’ve just come back from overseas last month, touring Warriors through the UK. How was that?

So good. We did two weeks through the UK and I just got back. It still blows my mind being able to travel to the other side of the world and play for people and they actually turn up. That was really cool, and I got to see my Granny in Glasgow when I was there, too.

Lovely! Did she make it to your show?

Nah, she’s a little bit old now. She used to come all the time! She’s such a trooper, but she’s just a bit old now. So I just had afternoon tea with her at her little house near Glasgow.

You’re back on Aussie soil now and about to embark on a nation-wide “Distant Call” tour with Dustin Tebbutt, who you just realised a cover of RÜFÜS - Innerbloom with. How did that collaboration come about?

So the Innerbloom cover came later when we decided it would be great to work on something together. I’d never really been close friends with Dustin leading up to it, I knew him just through Sydney and the music scene here. He was on tour in Amsterdam with Sam Corbet, who also plays in my band, and they were kind of just chatting about the idea of co-headline tours, and I came up in conversation. Because I play with Sam it was like, “oh, what a cool little common thread... imagine if we could share a band”. So then they approached me about it and now we’re actually doing it! It’s a bit trippy.

What a nice idea.

Yeah, and it's sounding so beautiful, I can’t believe it… I’m pretty like, helpfully nervous about the first show, but I think it's going to be pretty special.

So what can the crowd expect from this show? Will you guys be performing your respective songs separately or is it going to be be a completely new set?

Definitely different to any tour I’ve ever done because I mean, we are sharing the time between both of our sets. We’re going to do a lot of coming and going on stage: I’m going to be singing and playing on some of his songs, he’s going to be singing and playing on some of my songs. We definitely want to perform the [RÜFÜS] cover in the set, and then we’ve got a whole lot of little surprises as well. So yeah, we’re pretty excited.

That sounds great! You’ve chosen Alex the Astronaut as your national support, are you excited to see her play?

Yes! She’s amazing! She’s a friend of mine and is just so talented. She’s super young… I think she’s 21. We’re really stoked to have her on the tour. Hopefully everyone gets there early to see her play.

You recently featured on Super Cruels first release, November, which was like a really lovely, delicate banger, if that can be a thing now...

Oh I love it! Delicate banger, I’m going to use that [laughs].

Do you think we can expect to hear some more EDM features, or are you just having fun experimenting?

Yeah, my natures quite experimental I think, which is why I wanted to work with Super Cruel on this track. They approached me to work on it and I think it's just a beautiful song, and a lovely, kind of innocent story. I love the production. Eric J mixed it, who I’ve just recorded my latest album with, and it's turned out beautifully. I’m stoked they asked me to sing on it.

I’m always open for collaboration, though you know… I think there’s only a certain amount of hours in the day, and I am starting to work on my new album so probably going to be a little busier now.

Do you think you’ll be working with Eric J again on the new album?

Hmm.. I’m not sure.  I’m still kind of in the process of working out how I want to record [the new album]. I’m very heavily in the demoing process, so yeah don’t want to talk about it too much because it’s changing a lot around and I’m changing my mind a lot… very much still in the vortex of new work right now.

Well, we're very much looking forward to hearing what comes out the other side. Thanks so much for talking with us Lisa and all the best on the tour.

Aw no worries, thanks for the chat!

Lisa will be hitting The Gov on July 1st with Dustin Tebbutt. Suss out the event here for tickets and more info!

Header image via Lisa Mitchell's Facebook, taken by L.Roy.