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Review: Killing Heidi @ The Gov


Review: Killing Heidi @ The Gov

Ellie Stamelos

Last Saturday night, beloved Aussie rock duo Killing Heidi tore up The Gov on the second show of their national tour. The band consists of siblings Ella and Jesse Hooper, who formed Killing Heidi back in 1996 (when they were only 13 and 16 years old respectively – clearly, there’s never been a shortage of talent among these siblings). After exploding into mainstream success with their 2000 album Reflector, the duo released a couple more albums before taking a step back from the public eye and instead forming folk-inspired The Verses. Having previously stated that a reunion was off the table, Killing Heidi delighted Australians everywhere earlier this year by announcing a tour, 10 years after going on hiatus. The two female-fronted support bands were proudly hand-picked by Ella herself - QLD indie-rock group Eliza & The Delusionals and soulful Sydney-based artist Iluka.

 Eliza & The Delusionals hit the stage first, quickly drumming up enthusiasm and energy in the crowd. The 4-piece, led by front woman Eliza Klatt, were the perfect prelude for the following acts, delivering a fervent, lively performance that completely connected with the audience.

Next up was whimsical artist Iluka, who utterly enchanted the crowd with her versatile sound. Kicking off the set boasting strong vocals, as the set went on Iluka impressed punters with her ability to infuse and overlap genres, combining elements of indie-rock and pop with her sultry, jazzy voice. Performing songs off recent EP Blue My Soul, Iluka left punters captivated and ready for Killing Heidi.


After letting the anticipation build, Killing Heidi took to the stage to wild cheers, with Jesse leaning into the mic to say ‘G’day’ as Ella leapt onto the stage and launched into a track off their self-titled album, Calm Down (something the crowd definitely did not do). Killing Heidi seemed genuinely grateful for the epic turn out, with Ella announcing, “I always knew Adelaide was the best!” Playing songs from all eras of Killing Heidi, the dynamic siblings knew exactly what the crowd wanted and delivered above and beyond all expectations. The set, interspersed with Ella’s self-professed “nonsensical banter”, featured well-loved tunes such as I Am, Heavensent and Kettle. The band also performed a song from their other project The Verses, explaining that the band drew much inspiration from Fleetwood Mac. They then launched back into Killing Heidi songs, saving the best for last. Reliving the teen angst of Reflector, Killing Heidi ended their set with Mascara (a song that landed the band the #1 spot on the ARIA singles chart when it was released) and Weir, an earnest song that reflects upon friendships, relationships and the passage of time. With that, the band exited the stage – but the crowd wanted more. Chanting for an encore, Killing Heidi happily obliged, reminding the audience of the band’s heavier roots. Exiting the stage for a second time, there’s no doubt that Killing Heidi left Adelaidians elated and awe-struck.

All images via respective artist's Facebook pages.