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Music News: Burnside Mums Release Their Debut Studio Release


Music News: Burnside Mums Release Their Debut Studio Release

Harrison Schultz

Adelaide dudes Burnside Mums have just dropped their debut studio release and we couldn’t be prouder. Did we mention it was a double release? Drive Out of Town / The World Around Us dropped recently, and honestly, if you can snob off these songs, maybe you’re acting like a Burnside Mum?

Speaking to This is Radelaide about how important the release is for the band: "This release is important for us because it kind of signifies us transitioning from being absolute spuds to kind of knowing what we're doing. In that we now know how to record with the backing of swirl records we were able to do that in a brilliant studio. I kind of of think until now we've been finding our feet." - Jason Katsaras (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

"I mean it's our first proper release. We've been able to see it through from start to finish and its been the culmination of a really long time trying out different sounds and ideas."

“From a production perspective, we were oblivious, and didn’t have a clear vision, but I found that this actually helped us as it allowed Colby (Robertson) to really guide us and provide advice. In the end, we were able to mix and match our influences and sounds, with elements of punk, dad rock, Aus rock and even a bit of shoegaze with the descending scales in Drive out of Town. It was an absolute dream working at Capitalsounds”

- Christian Andreotti (Guitar/Vocals)

A little hint from us to all of you sussing these boys out. Burnside Mums, there's only an upwards direction from here. Having put in the effort to put this double release out, we reckon they'll be showing us their talents for a while to come!