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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Frankincense & Myrrh: Art By Kylie Grills


Frankincense & Myrrh: Art By Kylie Grills

Ellie Stamelos

Adelaide is absolutely budding with talented young artists, and local girl Kylie Grills is no exception. A whirlwind creative, Kylie dabbles in painting, illustration, and even creates her own homewares. Pursuing her “relentless desire to be an artist”, Kylie indulges her inner child in her playful creations. She says, “I devote a huge amount of time and energy to maintaining the mindful mentality we all have as children”.

Kylie’s idea for her brand name, Frankincense & Myrrh, came to her after she decided to defer her university degree and start her business. Kylie says, “when I get excited about an art idea I can’t switch off” and admits she’s also a “chronic sleep talker”. Kylie explains that the night she decided to start her art business, “I woke myself up talking about frankincense, myrrh and other oils, it really was as bizarre as it sounds!” After this, Kylie felt drawn to use these words in her business name. “I’m a weirdo, I know!”

Kylie Grills Art

When Frankincense & Myrrh was just starting out, Kylie incorporated her artwork onto candle jars, stating she wanted to use her creativity while still being able to make a living. “I sold more than 100 candles in the first four weeks of opening online”. Recently, Kylie has focused on creating original art, paying particular attention to the female form. Kylie’s art incorporates notions of women’s empowerment, personal growth and “powerful feminine motifs typically associated with Cleopatra”. Kylie is currently working on a collection titled “The Sunny Series”, inspired by her travels in Lombok Island and Nepal. A recurring motif in the series is bright yellow sunflowers, inspired by a transcendent trek to the World Peace Pagoda in Nepal. “After battling with monsoon rains and very slippery conditions, we arrived at the sacred site and were greeted by a giant field of sunflowers.”

Kylie’s interests in Eastern culture, travel and mindfulness are evident within her art - however, Kylie is equally as inspired by everyday life. She explains that she loves to people-watch and simply absorb the world around her, saying, “I love the detail in human expression, I notice the colour in food, on walls, on buildings, on people’s clothes.” Kylie advocates approaching every day with an open mind and fresh perspective; “if you go about day-to-day life noticing things as if you’ve never seen them before, I promise everything will start to feel like a blessing.”

Kylie’s advice to aspiring artists? “If you have an Internet connection, a point of difference, self-discipline and motivation, and a transparent passion for what you’re doing – you can do this too”.

Kylie Grills Art

Kylie Grills is talented, passionate and shows no sign of slowing down. She’s currently busy with client commissions, but in future strives to collaborate with other established brands, saying, “I can see my work lending itself to another range of homewares, opulent swimwear, beautiful clothing or even funky pyjamas. Here’s to the next adventure!”

Keep up to date with Kylie's magical pieces via her Facebook, Instagram and Website and contact her at

All images via Kylie Grills.