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Film Review: Rough Night


Film Review: Rough Night

Erin Gear

Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda hosted a preview screening of Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming chick-flick comedy Rough Night on Wednesday night - even treating us to a couple of topless models in the form of Little Dylan and Big Chris to celebrate the release. In what can be described as The Hangover movie for the ladies, Rough Night entirely showcases the girls gone wild attitude on a great girls night out, minus the dead stripper of course. 

The film starts with a flashback scene of the four main characters ten years ago in college, hysterically epitomising the lewd behaviour of students and setting the tone for the entire film. Fair warning, this kind of comedy is not for everyone, it is not subtle in anyway. In fact, it is down right vulgar. But if you enjoyed Bridesmaids or even The Bachelorette, you’ll be sure to get a kick out of Rough Night as well. 



The movie is centred over the forty-eight hour period of Scarlett Johansson’s character, Jess’, bachelorette party. In the ten years since college they change from a group of party girls, to the recognisable thirty-something year old women of the twenty-first century. One pursuing a successful career, one still clinging to living in the past - who is still the sexual deviant, one who is already on her first divorce with a child, one lesbian super-feminist and social activist, plus a foreigner friend who has joined the group since graduation. In this case, the foreigner is an Aussie, so the combination is inevitably laughable. Typical Aussie references are thrown in sporadically throughout the movie by someone who obviously has no relation to Australia whatsoever. From bringing Vegemite to a restaurant, attempting to order ‘snags’ from a Pizza shop to exclaiming that she rode a Jet Ski to school everyday - Kate McKinnon’s character Pippa is funny to an Australian audience for an entirely different reason, for missing the mark. McKinnon is not even an Aussie herself, she’s American, so her attempt at an Aussie accent is laughably bad. Sounding much more like a Kiwi, Pippa was very much un-Australian. The token Aussie comedian, a role usually filled by Rebel Wilson, who pops up in many American comedies didn’t quite fit in Rough Night. 

Rough Night has a far fetched plot, and you won’t be coming to watch an Oscar winning performance, but like Bridesmaids, it is a good time and full of laughs. If ‘lethally horny’ doesn’t become part of your girls night out vocabulary after watching this movie, you weren’t paying enough attention. 

Also, stay past the credits because they’ve obviously taken a page out of Marvel’s book and included an after credit scene - thank me later. Rough Night is in cinemas as of today, and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘rough night’. Watch the trailer below:

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