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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Ready To Find Your Perfect Coffee?


Ready To Find Your Perfect Coffee?

Harrison Schultz

There’s no shortage of amazing coffee opportunities in Adelaide and if we’re being honest, it won’t be long until Adelaide’s coffee scene won’t be shadowed by Melbourne’s, rather it'll have its own competitive flair. One great recent development in Adelaide’s coffee scene is the introduction of coffee supplier and speciality roasters ONA, at both Devour and Third Time Lucky cafes.

First up, a quick introduction; based in Canberra ONA bring their simple yet perfect goal “creating the world’s best coffee” to each project they work on. How do they do this? Boasting 2015 Australian and World Barista Championship winner Sasa Sestic, and 2016 Australian winner Hugh Kelly, these guys don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. If you wanted to ask someone a question about coffee, then these guys really know what’s up!

To teach us a little more, last Tuesday we were invited down to Devour for a special introduction night to ONA, here we were treated to a range of beans being put through the brand new La Marzocco machine. Over the night we were given the opportunity to try several styles of beans offered by ONA; The Founder, Black Betty and Geisha. ONA also offer a range of other bean styles including single origins and a unique recipe the ‘Raspberry Candy” (head on into store to find out a little more). The reason ONA offer this variety is to accommodate for different tastes and styles. For example, Black Betty makes for an amazing flat white, whilst the single origin Honduras makes for a beautiful pour over.

Last but not least, ONA secure their beans via Project Origin. Through this close collaboration, coffee producers in developing countries receive a minimum of 30%, and some cases even 90%, more than the price offered by Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance, and they no longer need to rely on the New York Coffee Exchange - ONA, 2017. In an industry that is so large, and many businesses being opaque in regards to how they obtain their coffee beans, a company being so transparent with their efforts is fantastic!

If you're keen to try out an ONA speciality coffee or just want to get away from the cold and sit down with friends whilst enjoying a great coffee (however you like it), then head down to Devour Cafe Patisserie or Third Time Lucky!

Want to know more about ONA? You can check out their social media pages through the links below.

Facebook: ONA Coffee

Instagram: ONA Coffee

All images by Harrison Schultz