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Adelaide's 78 Degrees Gin Named Best In The World


Adelaide's 78 Degrees Gin Named Best In The World

Emma Ferraro

When one thinks of Adelaide and beverages, we instinctively associate it with wine. The Barossa and Mclaren Vale are globally renowned locations for fantastic wines that Adelaide routinely celebrates with year-round events; but some competition has been stirred up: Adelaide's 78 Degrees Gin by Sacha La Forgia of Adelaide Hills Distillery was just awarded the best in the world. 

Adelaide Hills Distillery was founded by Sacha in 2014. A local winemaker, Sacha travelled the world for over six years exploring the world's offerings of distilling. On his journey, he met his mentor, ambiguously entitled 'The Italian', who encouraged him to return to his homeland and open his own distillery. Thus emerged the Adelaide Hills Distillery, born from Sacha's passion of crafting spirits using quality Australian produce.

In 2015, Sacha launched his first product, 78 Degrees Gin, a London Dry style gin sourced from native Australian ingredients. The spirit is described as a 'savoury gin distilled from a grape base and vapour with 12 botanicals ... pungently aromatic and displaying resinous citrus and floral notes with underlying spice.' The drink quickly gained a cult-following and earned Sacha the respect of gin-lovers everywhere. 

In 2016, Sacha launched two new spirits: The Gunnery Australian Spiced (a spiced white rum spirit that favours natural ingredients with a mature approach) and The Italian (an orange style aperitif that marries European bitter herbs with Australian ingredients.)

Better yet, 78 Degrees Gin just won the top prize for Best International Gin at the American Distilling Institute Awards. Already, gin aficionados around the world have taken notice, and the Hills Distillery has been overwhelmed with orders from these spirit enthusiasts. 

Although wine tours aren't going out of style anytime soon, we'd recommend taking a road trip to Nairne before the rest of the world get their hands on 78 Degrees. 

Biggest congratulations to Sacha! 

Adelaide Hill's Distillery: 47 Chambers Road, Nairne, SA.

Header via Adelaide Hills Distillery Instagram.