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Review: The William Bligh, Rum Bar To Rule Them All


Review: The William Bligh, Rum Bar To Rule Them All

Alexia Frangos

The phrase "but why's the rum gone?" will never be uttered in the East End ever again, thanks to its newest resident The William Bligh. A wonderfully executed 1800's theme, this bar is flooded with warm forest greens, red-gum and pine wooden benches, old-fashioned chests, and raw metals that ties in oh so well with the concept. The newest addition to Vardon Avenue was named after the famous British naval Captain William Bligh, who was brought to Australia to govern New South Wales which, at the time, was using rum as a trade and William Bligh tried to stop it, but failed. Cue the man who's all for rum and rum for all (no not Captain Jack Sparrow), Owner Jarrod Hales, talks about their rum rebellion and what's going down at The William Bligh.

The William Bligh is one of those bars with mystery; you'll walk past and try to get a rough idea of what's inside, but you'll definitely have to step in to see, feel, and taste what all the fuss is about. Stocking around 55 different rums from all over the world, they offer a delicious spiked-coffee all day that is like heaven on Earth (just don't tell your boss what's in it). As for their other drinks, why not try a Pineapple Mojito? It honestly tastes like a holiday in a glass, so just sip and close your eyes, and pretend you're overseas on a yacht along with the rest of Adelaide that's there. During the launch, our favourite without a doubt was the Ratu Signature rum; the Frangelico of rums as they call it here, we simply dipped a biscotti, sipped on the smoothest rum ever, and the rest is history. The William Bligh only offers the highest quality ~everything~ from fruit to herbs, syrups to spirits "it speaks for itself" says Jarrod. 

With the bar located in the close-knit East End community, Jarrod knows a rum bar will tie in well with the area; "Every bar on Vardon Avenue has their own little niche market and everything's on one street, like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I've wanted to open a bar since my early 20's because to me hospitality is fun and not supposed to be taken seriously". When talking about rum Jarrod recommends two to try at The William Bligh, "at the moment it's the Cubaney 15 year old because the first time I drank it I had a moment. The second rum no-one really knows about; it's called Shipwreck (Spiced) and it's absolutely delicious, it's from Jamaica and it changed my life." 

Alongside an awesome menu, there are some equally awesome places to rest your booty... get it? This place will have you forgetting there's a storm outside 'cause it's pretty cosy inside, with open booths, green vinyl, stained wood, vintage mirrors and some of Captain Bligh's Open Boat journey mapped out on the mezzanine level, it's easy to see how their launch night had us staying for more. A rum bar like this is exactly what Adelaide needs, none of that Caribbean-themed holiday Tiki stuff, but a rum bar that gives you the warmth of an old English tavern married with maritime keepsakes and the smell of purely delicious spirits. 

They also have quite the collection in gins, ranging from Italy and New Zealand to the UK and Chicago.

The William Bligh is located at 33 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide CBD just off East Terrace, and every day holds a different drink special.

Special thanks to Jarrod Hales for taking the time to talk with us and Emilie La Pietra for organising the event, we loved the launch night and can't wait to bring our mates in for more!

Opening Hours
TUES: 3PM - 12AM
WED + THURS: 12PM - 12AM
FRI: 12PM - 1AM
SAT: 2PM - 1AM
SUN: 3PM - 12AM

Images provided by The William Bligh Facebook Page.