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2017 Oz Comic-Con


2017 Oz Comic-Con

Harrison Schultz

Enjoying everything sci-fi, super heroes/villains, fantasy and Anime (or Manga), whilst in close proximity to the very stars of the productions, is a very rare event. However, once a year an event comes around that gives us all a chance geek out and that’s exactly what we did at last week’s Oz Comic-Con!

From Stargate and Game of Thrones, to Legends of Tomorrow and Vikings, this year’s comic-con boasted more than just a few super stars - and we were lucky enough to score a few interviews! Before we get to those, let's address everything else comic-con.

Stalls at this year’s event included plenty of gaming experiences, an abundance of comics, the always magnificent Charmed Creations cake stall and a few new additions since last year, including one by Black Diamond Tattoo. With a range of available flash designs on display, a few brave people were lucky enough to purchase a permanent memory of comic-con!

Now to the cosplay, from the amateur level to the professional level, this year’s cosplayers certainly gave it their all and certainly did not disappoint! With plenty of different takes on characters, the most common but no less amazing were those out of the DC Comics universe. The Batman costumes were numerous enough to ensure Adelaide is protected for a millennium, while The Joker and Harley Quinn were each as unique as their creator’s fingerprints.

Just when we thought the cosplay surprises had come to an end, day two rolled around and the Adelaide heat of the 2017 Australian Championships of Cosplay begun. After a 30 minute display of jaw-dropping cosplay, a winner had been crowned in Tiffany Dean, taking it out with her cosplay of Kindred (League of Legends). You can catch a replay of the amazing heat down below or look at more of Tiffany Dean’s projects.

Finally the guests of the 2017 Oz Comic-Con. This year from comics and publishing to TV and film, the guests on this years lineup were quite incredible, including the likes of Jason Momoa (sadly he didn't have a panel in Adelaide), Melissa Joan Hart, Clive Standen, Arthur Darvill and so many more. However, it was the last two who were really important for us this year; Friday morning we were given the opportunity to interview both Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow) and Clive Standen (Vikings, Taken (TV series), Robin Hood) so stay tuned because these interviews will be up shortly!

All photos taken by Harrison Schultz