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Review: Illy @ Thebarton Theatre


Review: Illy @ Thebarton Theatre

Erin Gear

Thebarton Theatre played host to a showcase of Aussie musos on Friday night, supporting Illy on his national Two Degrees tour. The venue was packed solid, not even Hot Dub could compare to the sheer volume of people who turned up to see Aussie Hip-Hop Rap sensation. 

Maribelle, a solo artist from Melbourne was the first of Illy's support acts - her Pop, R&B tunes setting a brilliant tone for the night. Undeniably talented, and with a  powerful voice, her music was literally vibrating through the floors.

Hip Hop duo Spit Syndicate were up next, with Sydneysiders Nick Lupi & Just Enuf bringing the crowd to their feet. Everyone was jumping, grinding and fist pumping to their Spotify breakthrough tune 'Know Better’. 

The support acts did not stop there. Paces, DJ and royalty of the Australian electronica sound, took the stage next. He performed an energetic set, with two hip-hop dancers alongside. This was his first all ages show, so he was excited to reach a new audience as part of Illy’s tour. He played some old and new tunes, and an absolutely killer remix of LDRU’s ‘Keeping Score’, which was particularly worth a mention. The audience went wild when he started playing his smash hit ‘Savage’ and Nyne, even more so when the Melbourne vocalist featured on the track, took the stage by surprise! There’s no other word for it, it was lit.


Illy came on stage at 9:30 to an excitable, and slightly intoxicated crowd who was raring to go. He opened his set with ‘Forget It’, a tune off his 2016 album Two Degrees, and it went down a treat.

He dedicated a heartfelt moment during the show to his Gran who recently passed away, and performed ‘On & On’ in her memory. Illy also didn’t shy away from his love for Triple J, and performed an epic series of mash-up ‘Like A Versions’ and then treated the crowd one last time during the encore to a cover of Peking Duk’s ‘High’. During his ‘Like a Version’ he made the whole room get low, squatting to the floor in preparation for the big drop. The crowd were captivated by him and did just that, before going mental - it’s a moment that will surely be seared into all of our memories for the rest of our life. Way to go Illy - it was a great gig, from an even greater guy.


All images via Dave Rubinich