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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Nudize Designs: Your One Stop Shop For Bright, Quirky Jewellery


Nudize Designs: Your One Stop Shop For Bright, Quirky Jewellery

Ellie Stamelos

Meet S.A. jewellery designer Angela Verrall who runs her very own business Nudize Designs - a brand that’ll provide you with unique and vivid accessories that are sure to catch every eye.

“I’ve been creating jewellery ever since I can remember,” says Angela. “Even as a kid I was always making and creating something, but it all started to become something more serious when I was 16.”

Angela explains that she began creating jewellery after realising her unique style wasn’t reflected in any on-trend accessories. “I could never find the right piece of jewellery in my teens, everything always followed a style and a trend and that wasn’t me. I began making one off pieces just for myself to wear.”


The brand name Nudize Designs has special meaning for Angela – she reminisces “when I was a kid my Nanna used to have a stash of lollies in a jar… they were super bright colours with some patterns and I used to call them nudies.” She explains that both the brand name and the bright pieces themselves “reflect my childhood memories with my Nanna.”

Angela’s designs are bursting with colour, which she says depart from the black that she usually wears. “I’m always wearing black so to create these bright colourful pieces is just awesome and such a huge change to what I wear clothing wise – I like my clothing black and my accessories bright!” Angela draws inspiration from the environment around her; “I get inspiration from things around me… I could be on a walk and an idea or colour palette will spring to mind and I’ll go home and draw a few things up.”

Angela is passionate about creating pieces her customers will love. “I think the best thing has been people just enjoying what I make. Knowing others can love them just as much as I do is what I call a success. It makes me so proud and happy to do what I do and get such positive feedback,” she says.


Angela’s designs are featured in various stores and markets, but she’s just getting started. “The bigger picture for me would be to own my own store and sell my jewellery along with many other beautiful products that are unique.”   

Visit Nudize Design’s Etsy Shop to make one of Angela’s lovely pieces yours, and keep up to date with the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

All images via Nudize Design's Instagram.