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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Fringe: Tessa Waters: Fully Sik


Fringe: Tessa Waters: Fully Sik

Alexia Frangos

In this highly interactive, totally fun and wild improv show, Tessa Waters brings out the classy bogan in all of us. Straight out of rural Queensland, Tessa brings together a beautiful marriage of sequins, stockings, Aussie slang and slapstick comedy to the stage – along with some members of the audience! 

She brings life to the vulva through lively hand gestures and the struggles some women go through everyday with outrageously funny sketches. While involving the audience in some classy and not-so-classy ways, Tessa adds spunk, glitter and humour to some situations that you may find yourself in on the occasion *cue the house-party-turned-druggie-rampage*.

Getting amongst the audience alright! via Alexia Frangos

Getting amongst the audience alright! via Alexia Frangos

Tessa is the ultimate triple-threat while making your cheeks hurt all the way through her performance (and not 'cause she squeezed them). Watching her perform gives you a whirlwind of emotions as you can go from the edge of your seat to being pulled up on stage to be her human hula-hoop!

Rating: 4/5 

Where: The Spare Room, The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

When: Every night at 7pm until Fringe finishes.

If you're keen for a fun, interactive and banger of a time, check out Tessa Waters: Fully Sik! Tickets available here.


Header via Adelaide Fringe website.