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Fringe: Superhuman


Fringe: Superhuman

Emma Ferraro

"Not all heroes wear capes — some read minds."

Jden Redden wants to know if you believe in superpowers. After discovering myths of the existence of superpowers that were nurtured and experimented upon throughout the Cold War, Jden endeavours to discover whether or not such superpowers can exist within the everyday person. And if so, how would we channel this energy? What would open up the possibility that we could exert this energy in a way that seems superhuman?

Superhuman is a show of magic and mentalism with a very original concept. Jden uses audience participation to test our ingrained abilities of telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind-reading, and his own superhuman strength. 

Although a little slow at times, and the fact some tricks likely have logical explanations, Jden compromised by incorporating tricks that seem unbelievable.  As one girl summarised with an astonished whisper of, "what the f**k", Jden's tricks are mind-boggling in what is a unique representation of magic and mentalism. There's no rabbits being pulled out of hats or being sawed in half - he truly causes the audience to question what they might be capable of without even knowing. 

No spoilers, but one of his most notable demonstrations was his interpretation of one of the original means of concluding superhuman abilities - catching a bullet in between his teeth. This method was used to test whether or not superhuman strength was present - and naturally, having your face shot at often leads to disastrous results. Jden's success was both terrifying and impressive. 

Superhuman is a show of intrigue and impossibility - what you once might've dismissed as fictitious or impossible becomes a reality before your very eyes. 

Rating: 3/5

Photos via Superhuman Facebook and Adelaide Fringe website.