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BLOODY RIPPER: Big Boys Aunty Donna Are Back


BLOODY RIPPER: Big Boys Aunty Donna Are Back

Natasha Martin

Melbourne sketch comedians Aunty Donna have arrived in Adelaide once again for the Fringe with two stellar performances for their Big Boys tour. This is one to be excited about, so if you managed to grab yourself a ticket for the one of completely sold out shows, get ready for a good ol' time full of skits, tricks and dance bits.

Aunty Donna

Mark Bonanno, Zac Ruane and Broden Kelly are the three bloody hilarious Aussie lads that make up Aunty Donna, and boy do they know how to get a crowd cheering. The trio never fail to entertain and their first show was bursting with fantastic energy, hilarious dance moves, language your mother would scold you for and a whole lot of giving Zac shit. It was an experience only one could imagine, after all we learnt that everything is a drum if you play it right. There's a great deal of crowd interaction and this is one of the stand-out quirks that these boys bring, because it's not every day you hear a performer yell at an audience member "give me your f***ing shoes". 

If you've heard of these man-men before then you're probably well aware of their cheeky youtube sketches, featuring web series like '1999', 'Trendy' and now 'Ripper Aussie Summer'. Aunty Donna have a fast growing fan-base, ranking up over 20 million views and 145 thousand subscribers to their youtube channel, and just hit 40k on their Facebook page! We can say confidently that you'll be hooked on these guys instantly, so start binge watching right now!

Star Rating: 4.5/5

If you would like to keep update with the big boys check out the links below, you won't regret it!

FACEBOOK: Aunty Donna

YOUTUBE: The Aunty Donna Channel

TWITTER: @auntydonnaboys

INSTAGRAM: @theauntydonnagallery

All imagines via Aunty Donna Facebook page