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Feminism In Art: 5 Adelaide Artists You Should Be Following


Feminism In Art: 5 Adelaide Artists You Should Be Following

Rachel Darling

First up, happy International Women’s Day for 2017, everyone! — and we mean, EVERYONE. Not just women. The word ‘feminism’ can sometimes get a bad wrap because, like most things, some people tend to take it just that little bit too far (Ahem... we’re talking to you Melbourne, with your new pedestrian symbols in dresses. Because women don’t wear pants...?)

Aaaaanyway, we’re here to celebrate feminism and women — not man-hating or social shaming. Feminism is simply about equality and the right to choice. International Women’s Day is about celebrating women and how far feminism has come. Men are most welcome to celebrate this day as well — because why not celebrate our mothers/girlfriends/wives/ amazing female friends? We all have at least one woman in our lives that we should be celebrating today, so let’s all keep it positive! To help you do so, here are 5 female Adelaide artists who celebrate feminism and womanhood through their innovative and thought-provoking artwork. These sisters be doin’ it for themselves (and your peepers) — so get scrolling through their Instagram pages for some feminist inspo.


Isabella Whittaker

Instagram: @bellawhitts

Known for her ‘Babes’ series, Whittaker celebrates individualism and the unique qualities in women. While she has recently been working on some easy-on-the eye male babes, it was her female babe faces that first caught the attention of Adelaide art-lovers. Her simplistic, yet colourful style manages to capture personality, flair and new age feminism, all with a hint of humour and fun.

Isabella Whittaker Art
Isabella Whittaker Art
Isabella Whittaker Art


Caroline Wall

Instagram: @caroline_wall_studio

Caroline Wall is an Adelaide artist, designer, Mum and self-confessed Scandi-lover who creates bright, vibrant portraits of the female face. Each sporting their own awesome hair-do’ or flamboyant pair of earrings, the women in Wall’s paintings are a mixture of texture and colour — the kind that inspire you to bust out your brightest item of clothing and have a day of feelin’ fabulous.

Caroline Wall Art
Caroline Wall Art
Caroline Wall art

Jessica Zeng

Instagram: @banshe.gram

We first came across this talented artist when she contributed to the Adelaide film group Freemales’ ‘Vagalendar’ for 2017. Her illustrations tend to capture every day activities, such as teeth-brushing, phone-checking or mealtimes, and turn the mundane into something to admire. Her subjects are often female, and explore feminist ideas and protests in an accessible and light-hearted way. Cute and modern, Zeng’s pieces give feminists everywhere more to smile about.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.34.52 pm.png
Jessica Zeng Art


Janine Dello

Instagram: @janinedelloart

Janine Dello is an Adelaide painter who explores feminism through portraiture and life-like studies of the female body. On her instagram account, Dello claims to ‘navigate female obsessions and vulnerabilities,’ and after just one scroll of the thumb it is clear that is exactly what she does. Thought-provoking and conversation-starting, Dello’s works are intricate and impressive, with seemingly provocative images portraying a much more involved message. 

Janine Dello Art
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.36.32 pm.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.37.04 pm.png

Sarah Norman

Instagram: @sarahnorman_artwork

If there’s one Adelaide artist that encapsulates ‘free the nipple’ it’s Sarah Norman. And free the nipple (and other female body parts) she does. Focusing on the female form, Norman’s modern approach to life drawing is a pen-and-ink wonderland of femininity — but not in the conventional context. Sometimes delicate and sometimes not, the artworks have an ‘eff you’ vibe about them that will excite even the most back-seat feminists. 

Sarah Norman Artwork
Sarah Norman Art
Sarah Norman Art

Images via artist Instagram pages (as quoted). Cover image via Jessica Zang (Instagram: @banshe.gram)