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Urthboy: Crushing Hard @ The Gov


Urthboy: Crushing Hard @ The Gov

Erin Gear

Urthboy kicked off his national tour, Crushing Hard, on Friday night at The Gov and it was a night of fantastic Long Loud Hours!

The night started off with Alice Ivy (aka Annika Schmarsel) of Melbourne, gracing the stage with her mesmerising set. Her ensemble of soul, funk, electronic and hip hop genres all in one is pure ecstasy - and she sent the crowd on an audio trip like no other.

Her music is addictive, groove inducing and seductive. She uses sound bites from films, and various other medias, in her music - the most striking of which was a sound clip from Alice in Wonderland in her tune Touch. As a diehard Disney fan, this could have had the potential not to be received well, but she executed it so well that I’m in love with this song now. This was my first time experiencing her sound, and it was unreal; her music makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

The second support act, Sydney-sider Joyride also made a profound impact on the room. His fusion of hip hop and electronic, with a sprinkle of whatever else takes his fancy, is just magic. Having worked in the music industry for a long time, and alongside artists like Drapht and ILLY, we were expecting big things from Joyride. Boy, did he deliver! His voice is powerful and soul touching, and had everyone racing to find him on Spotify. He included an impressive electro-synth rendition of Mariah Carey's I Will Always Love You, in fact, I actually think it was better than the original - no one tell the Diva!

By the time Urthboy, Tim Levinson, made his was onstage with his crew at 10:30pm there was not a single person left sitting. The room looked swollen with people, all raring for the Hip Hop rapper's set. His performance was energetic, fist pumpin' and hip swingin' good. When Long Loud Hours, easily his most popular tune, was played the house went off. He got the sort of reaction you'd expect from a banger at a festival.

Half way through the performance he brought some X-rays on stage and announced that we was performing with two broken ribs; what a legend! I spoke to him after the gig, and he said it'll still be two months before his ribs have fully healed. If I were wearing a hat, I would've taken it off to him, because his injury in no way impacted his performance. He even came back onstage for a sensational encore, quenching the crowd's thirst for one more tune.