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Fringe: Limbo Unhinged


Fringe: Limbo Unhinged

Emma Ferraro

Welcome to an exotic illogical world, where peculiar characters wait on the edge of false awakening. A with the whisper of spirits and domination, illusion, suspension; LIMBO is boundless. - Strut and Fret Production House

Award-winning, internationally recognised LIMBO returns with its latest incarnation, Unhinged, a self-professed 'grittier and hotter netherworld.' 

From behind a closed door, a host of characters emerge into the world of Limbo. What is Limbo? It's an alternative dimension, described as a place where time can be manipulated and the potential for transcendence is a shared delusion.

I'm not sure if I'd agree with the latter - it really did seem as though the audience experienced something far beyond the norm. For Limbo opens up a realm of potentials - things you never would've imagined are given life and the impossible become tangible. The hypnotic exploration of Limbo: Unhinged is truly a place where everything is possible. 

Whilst there is not necessarily a distinctive storyline, each performance is obviously interconnected, not only through the way in which each artist is by one another's side (not always as part of the act), but how the artists are the human embodiments of Limbo itself. Much like the netherworld which they have created, the artists perform in a way that is beyond your wildest fantasies.

Limbo is circus, physical theatre and cabaret, but what you see includes acrobatics, Chinese pole dancing, aerial stunts, tap-dancing, rollerblades, sword-swallowing, and fire-breathing. There's dance, music, and comedy, for Limbo can go from a place of excitement and fervour, to one of mystery and darkness, but there's a cohesion there, almost a lull before the dam breaks.

Each performer is multi-talented (seriously, save some of the talent for the rest of us), and performs a with brazen intensity, passion, and fearlessness that is truly breath-taking. You can tell they genuinely love what they do, they love to perform, and they love seeing people's reactions. 

The live ensemble is lead by Mick Stuart, in which artists also play instruments and sing, whether this be on or above ground. The music is ethereal, it's playful and sexy, it's dark and bold. The lighting is thematic, it surrounds each artist, and occasionally, it's pink. 

There's something indescribable about Limbo. I've tried, but I don't think words can do it justice. Of course, you can use the words 'amazing', 'wonderful', etc., but to me, it doesn't feel like enough. Because Limbo isn't a descriptive sentence, it's a feeling, it's a journey, it's an experience. Go see it. Really, you won't regret it. 

Star Rating: 5/5

Header via Adelaide Fringe website.