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Review: Kingswood @ The Gov


Review: Kingswood @ The Gov

Matilda Brown

Photographed by Ian Laidlaw, via Kingswood

Photographed by Ian Laidlaw, via Kingswood


Melbourne band Kingswood showed Adelaide fans that rock is alive and well, playing at old faithful The Gov on Saturday night.

Melbourne band BATZ kicked things off with a bang followed by Brisbane locals WAAX, with both proving that there is certainly no shortage of up and coming Aussie talent.

Touring off the back of their new album After Hours, Close to Dawn, Kingswood treated fans to a mix of older tracks along with new songs, many of which have only been played live a few times. Anticipation was high, with an incredibly mixed crowd that you don’t see at venues other than the Gov. One of the many great things about a band like Kingswood is that they appeal to a broad audience – I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a diverse crowd before, with fans of all ages being united by their love for the music.

This album has shown that Kingswood aren’t afraid to step out of the box or be limited by being branded as a ‘rock’ band. Not to say that there wasn’t plenty of rock – but their set had an amazing balance between high-energy, crazy moments (at one point guitarist Alex Laska got onto lead singer Fergus Linacre’s shoulders while playing) along with some incredibly beautiful stripped back songs.

Quite often rock bands will start shows with all guns blazing – but it was a pleasant surprise when Kingswood kicked things off a little more slowly, playing ‘Looking for Love’ from their new album. Soon they were back to what they do best, playing some of their heavier songs to an energetic audience.

Highlights included ‘Big City’, ‘She’s My Baby’, and ‘Alabama White’, with the band show casing their new material while also playing some of their old favourites.

A particularly memorable moment was Laska’s performance of ‘Golden’ – a beautifully recorded song in its own right, but hearing the live version was even better. Despite a slight mishap involving a missing guitar lead, the set went from strength to strength, with no signs of the band or audience tiring. They weren’t afraid to get the audience involved either, with some very passionate renditions of ‘Ohio’ from the crowd.

Ending things on a high note with ‘Creepin’, another single from the new record which has been getting plenty of airplay on triple J (for good reason), Kingswood left Adelaide with no doubts that they are one of Australia’s most promising rock bands and are here to stay.

Header image via Kingswood Facebook Page