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Grand Theft Adelaide: 'The P Platers' Is A Videogame About Adelaide Hooning


Grand Theft Adelaide: 'The P Platers' Is A Videogame About Adelaide Hooning

Paul Maland

For the past twenty or so years, children, teenagers and adults alike have inevitably said to their mates while passing around the controller, "Man, it'd be heaps good if there was a Grand Theft Auto set in Adelaide".  

This is where The P Platers aims to make that a reality, taking the mechanics of an open-world racing game, and combining it with the rich cultural intricacies of Adelaide. We caught up with the developer behind the idea to chat about the project. 


"The P Platers is an open-world hoon racing game, powered by Unreal Engine. It's set in a fictional recreation of the state of South Australia, featuring the entirety of Adelaide and its surrounding areas," The P Platers says.  

The game's Unreal Engine has been the basis for hundreds of game titles, including a number of AAA blockbusters. Now, it's being used for a uniquely Adelaide twist.  

"The aim of The P Platers is to bring my vision of the perfect game with Australian sub-culture to an open world that let players cause havoc, with SAPOL and in-game locations they thought they'd never get to see, like Elizabeth or Gawler, 


Creating a video-game encompassing all of Adelaide is quite the challenge, so you might find yourself asking how big their team is. So far, the majority of the project has been the hobby of just one person. 

"The majority of the game's development has been a solo effort for total creative control, however recently I've opened up to a talented programmer and vehicle modeller to speed the process [up], otherwise, everything has been the work of myself, using my student welfare to fund everything," the lone developer says. 

"The idea on how to make the game came from the people. I'd hear people talking about how sick it would be [if there] was a game (everything The P Platers is), and [how] 'they' need to make it,"


"[It's] a mammoth task, but thankfully as an architecture student recreating 3D models of Adelaide and Gawler etc. was not too difficult, given prior modelling skills," he says.  

The game's concept is complete with the cartoonish caricatures and parodies of existing brands and companies integral to franchises like Grand Theft Auto.

"My most enjoyable part of being the developer of this game is making parody signs of real businesses (Kanga-Cola, Sanga-Way, Gday-Mart, Big-D and putting BANNED over all Target stores [in reference to Target briefly banning Grand Theft Auto in Australia]... little things like that."


The project embraces community input to help fully embrace the game's potential to showcase and parody Australian culture. 

"I also like doing our 'national referendums' with the fans over issues, like what to make the in-game currency (between 'bucks' and 'dollarydoos')," he says. 

In terms of how you can help out? It's as simple as having a look on social media. 

"If I could ask anything of readers, it's to simply tell your friends, like us on Facebook, and keep an eye out on Steam-Greenlight for The P Platers." 

You can visit The P Platers on Facebook here.

Images via The P Platers