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Wil Wagner Solo Tour @ The Ed


Wil Wagner Solo Tour @ The Ed

Jason Katsaras

Frontman of the Smith Street Band, Wil Wagner, brought his national solo tour to Adelaide on Sunday, providing a moving experience. Wil was supported by a host of other musicians, who each played their own solo sets including Lucy Wilson, Iona Cairns and Adelaide favourite Bec Stevens (of Hyder Seek). Bec put on an amazing honest performance, followed by Iona Cairns (of Shit Present).

Lucy WIlson's performance was slighty more traditional than the 'tell it like it is' style of Iona and Bec, yet she was still terrific. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals also later being utilised in Wil's performance of 'I Scare Myself Sometimes'.

As Wil was welcomed to the stage like the true rockstar he is, he casually greeted the audience, modest and humble as always. What followed was a musical journey with Wil playing both Smith Street Band classics, and content from his solo album 'Laika'. Even playing the chorus-centric 'Death To The Lads', it was unbelievable how much sound and presence Wil and his guitar could produce (plus we even got a sneak peek at some new Smith street songs).

We've spoken many times before of Wil (and the Smith Street Band's) genius, but we can't stress enough how brilliant and relatable Wil's songwriting is. For a lot of people, his songs about hard times can help people get through their own personal struggles, us included. Thankyou heaps Wil, please come and tour the upcoming album here soon!