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Socially awkward, weirdly brilliant: Luke McGregor's Almost Fixed It


Socially awkward, weirdly brilliant: Luke McGregor's Almost Fixed It

Brooke Richardson

He's that weird guy we all knew in school, the awkward fumbling one who's mishaps and appearance often invited a joke or two in their direction. Luke McGregor and his new show 'Almost Fixed It' at this year's Fringe, takes his quintessential social discomfort and transforms it into some really great comedy. 

  Source: Adelaide Fringe

Source: Adelaide Fringe

Luke McGregor's style of being the squeaky voiced, uncontrollable nervous comedian is easily genius. I mean, any other comedian having a tough time on stage would crumble if they're voice began to squeak or their jokes began to unravel, but McGregor's ability to use this to his advantage and really allow the audience to laugh at his nature and circumstance, allows the show to fumble in all the right ways.

Discussing his new endeavours in sex and therapy, you find yourself in stitches listening to his input on his new, and first ever, relationship. With a great amount of audience engagement, McGregor's ability to increase the awkwardness of any scenario gives everyone else in the audience the chance to really feel a part of the show. His inability to be fluid and well-rehearsed is more comedy than you'd expect, as he becomes that odd, socially anxious friend we all love to give a bit of shit too. 

Luke McGregor's show 'Almost Fixed It' will be running at the Corona Stage at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. With each show bringing a nice intimate audience, tickets do sell quickly so get them while they're hot! 

Rating: 4/5