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Review: Dune Rats @ The Gov


Review: Dune Rats @ The Gov

Ellie Stamelos

Australia’s fave stoner-rock legends, Dune Rats, played an epic show at The Gov on Sunday night on the Adelaide leg of their sell-out national tour. The lads are touring their recently released album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, which reached #1 on the Aria Albums Chart. The Dunies were accompanied by their buddies The Gooch Palms and label-mates Skegss.

First support act The Gooch Palms got the crowd riled up and keen for the rest of the night with their distinctive indie-punk sound. Many members of the crowd shouted their lyrics back to them as the duo head-banged in sync and played tunes off their most recent release, Introverted Extroverts. The pair took turns skulling beers on stage between songs, cheered on by the crowd. The end of their set incited the formation of a circle pit and left everyone eager for more.

The crowd was hyped up and chanting for Skegss to take the stage, who were greeted with a massive cheer when they appeared. The three-piece punk band has cultivated a cult following throughout Australia, and as they started playing it was easy to see why. Building on the energy that The Gooch Palms had fostered, there wasn’t anybody in the venue left sitting as the trio played. Their set included songs from their 2016 album Everyone Is Good At Something – the song ‘New York California’ had the crowd screaming the lyrics and moshing like there was no tomorrow.


The two support acts had perfectly encapsulated the high-strung, youthful energy of the night, and the crowd impatiently awaited the Dunies to take the stage while loudly chanting for the band. The excitement was tangible as trio took to the stage and to everyone’s delight immediately launched into a new tune, ‘Don’t Talk’. Not a single person in the crowd was standing still as Dune Rats continued their set. Headbanging, moshing and crowd-surfing was rife as the boys played beer-anthem ‘6-pack’. With lighthearted lyrics that typify the experience of most 20-somethings, it’s easy to see why these guys are so well loved across the country.

Midway through the set the massive prop joints that were on either side of the stage started to smoke, with the lads asking the crowd “who’s had a little bit of weed today?” (according to the deafening cheers, a lot of folks). On this note, Dune Rats launched into their single ‘Scott Green’, a song so loved by fans that many have gotten tattoos dedicated to it. The energy was at an all-time high during this song, as the crowd screamed the play-on-words chorus of ‘at a party, who’s Scott Green?’. The set was understandably mostly dedicated to songs from The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, but the trio ended the night giving the crowd exactly what they wanted -  an iconic Dunies song from their self-titled 2014 album, ‘Dalai Lama Big Banana Marijuana’.

These three talented Aussie bands consecutively built on each other’s energy to deliver a punk show of epic proportions that was full of energy and fun-loving, catchy tunes. For a seriously excellent time, make sure you check out Dune Rats next time they’re in town!

All images taken by Sam Dougherty.