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Fringe: Alex Williamson


Fringe: Alex Williamson

Alexia Frangos

Adelaide born and raised, The Loosest Aussie Bloke is back with his new show Make The World A Banter Place. Alex Williamson as most of us know, is a YouTube sensation who goes viral for his raw, sickly humour that some of us have come to love – and his show isn't any different!

When it comes to this loose unit, nothing is off limits. From stories about his Tinder date experiences to MDMA induced weekends, he takes you on a journey through the fucked up world we live in, and turns it into some pretty crude, yet hilarious banter.

We warn you now: Alex's show isn't for the easily offended – it's unfiltered, politically incorrect and downright naughty! So if you're planning on seeing him tonight just take everything he says with a pinch of salt... actually a handful of salt #saltbae. But all jokes aside, a glimpse into Alex's world of drug-driving, sex-droughts, and mildly-concerning banter makes this show unique in its own right. I rate it 4.5 stars! 

Courtesy of Alex Williamson's Tinder Account... I mean Facebook page!

Courtesy of Alex Williamson's Tinder Account... I mean Facebook page!

So if you're a fan of his vulgar humour, YouTube page or the funny shit that gets sent around Facebook, check out Alex Williamson's last show tonight – some tix are still available, click here for more!

Where: Top of The Ark, The Arkaba Hotel - 150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton.

When: Final show tonight (March 11), 7:30pm.


Header via Loosest Aussie - Alex Williamson Facebook page.